rose pleated ergo or brunt orange or balck?

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pleated ergo satchel

  1. rose

  2. brunt orange

  3. black

  4. laced ergo from japan site style 12725

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Rose!
  2. I voted orange. I saw it the other day and while I am usually a "pink" girl I really love the burnt orange color on this bag a lot. Love the pink too, that would be my 2nd choice.
  3. I vote for the rose (big surprise there!!). I like the orange too, but know I wouldn't get much use out of it because it doesn't really go with anything I typically wear.
  4. I would have said the rose, but then I saw the laced ergo. That is one hot bag!
  5. I vote for the rose, it's a beautiful color.
  6. Laced ergo in either putty or magenta!
  7. it's a tie between the rose and the laced ergo for me...
    but i voted for the laced! lol!
  8. I voted for the black since it's the most practical IMHO, but I also LOVE the rose. It depends if you want something neutral or a nice pop of color. Each of the 4 choices is beautiful, you can't go wrong!
  9. I voted for the laced one! It's adorable!

    I have the orange and I like it too.
  10. i voted for burnt orange but im biased coz i have it heheheh
    and i never failed to be complimented when i use her :biggrin:
  11. At my house it's a total vote for the brunt orange. i have both of the rose and brunt orange on hold, i'm waiting for PCE card being sent by couture dream. Thanks so much guys. I'm leaning towards the orange satchel, since i think it will fit more with my wardrobe and the color really makes a statement. The laced satchel is beautiful but it's more fashion/trendy than the classic pleated satchel .
    wiill let you guys know, what i'm bringing home on sunday, and i will post my entire collection pictures.
  12. Unless you wear a lot of red, I say the burnt orange. And even then...
  13. I bought the Ergo Satchel in burnt orange 2 weeks ago and LOVE IT!! I normally go for neutral colors, but loved the color and went for it. It's surprising how many colors this bag goes with, and I agree it makes a statement.
  14. Burnt orange all the way :yes: