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  1. Well they are starting to pop up on ebay now .. Just a little over priced.

    I wonder how long its going to be before the fakes arrive.

  2. The pink is so bright!! I'm not too sure how I feel about this color yet. I was thinking that they would be more of a lighter shade of pink. I may change my mind once I see the color in person, though.
  3. I like it. I have to see it in person though to know if I would really want to own one or not.
  4. I like it- I hope ppl don't make fakes of it- fakes are groossss
  5. Agreed, in person could be a totally different thing.

  6. I've seen it and it was a bit bright for my taste-- the green was lovely!
  7. I guess its a bag that you have to see in person ..
    Is the green muted ?

  8. i like the green and regular denim colors better.
  9. I prefer the blue, but the pink denim is not bad ! The khaki is never going to be my favourite, or even mildly liked at this point.. bleh !
  10. i personaly think the blue one is more for all seasons ....the pink and the green one are more for spring and summer....
  11. I like the color! Not crazy about expensive denim tho...
  12. ITA!
  13. Ok, so now i'm really really glad this bag is coming to me tomorrow!
    This pink is perfect! :love:
  14. It is pretty but I have to say I would have liked it better in pastel pink too. Funny but I still like the blue denim best and pink is my favorite color!
  15. It's too bright for me. I like the blue best.
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