Rose Pink City on ebay, what do you think?

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  1. OMG- looks so amazing!!! GET IT! GET IT!
  2. I saw this but wish she had pictures of the tag and bales. Also, I believe BNY still has some of these in stock but the leather was veiny.
  4. I'm a pink girl, does anyone have this you like it? This one looks real to me, but her pictures have a pink hue to them on my screen and its hard to tell...kinda want to make an offer.....i'm soooo confused...
  5. Yeah, timing is everything....I had reservations about it, so everything happens for a reason!
  6. Oh Donna, I have this color in the city and I LOVE it!! :love: IMO the color doesn't really look like it does in that listing's pictures, but maybe it was just her lighting. It looks lighter IRL. It's a really really beautiful color though. Goes with everything too. I'm sure another will pop up on ebay though! Just keep looking and good luck! :yes: