Rose Perfume

  1. I've always been a fan of rose scent perfumes. My favorite to this day is still Annick Goutal's Rose Absolue, which is as pure rose as it can get. Unfortunately, that line has been discontinued. In the meantime I've been using alternatives like Crabtree & Evelyne's "Evelyne Rose" and Herme's "Rose Ikebana". Both of them smell VERY good but they're not pure rose.

    Fresh's "Bulgarian Rose", Floris' "China Rose", and Stella McCartney's "Stella" didn't do it for me. They're just not the kind of rose I like. I recently came across Thierry Mugler's "La Rose Angel" in an ad. It's not a pure Rose fragrant but I'm wondering if anyone has tried it. If so, what are your thoughts? I love the bottle though.

    Do you have any other brand that you recommend for rose fragrances?:flowers:
  2. There was one my mother used and loved.....Tea Rose. I'm not sure who makes it though.
  3. I too love rose perfume. I've been wearing Rose Ikebana. I'm still on the hunt for the perfect rose. I'll let you know if/when I find it!
  4. Absolutely love Rose Ikebana, I wish they would make it in EDP because the toilette fades quickly on me. The perfect rose perfume is still Annick Goutal's "Rose Absolue", all the notes in there are roses and nothing else. I think they used over a dozen type of roses in that scent (Bulgarian, Turkish, Damask, May, Egyptian, Moroccan rose, etc). Nowadays I can only occasionally find it on eBay.

    Another rose scent that's pretty good is Annick Goutal's "Ce Soir ou Jamais", which has a very strong Rose scent as well. I sometimes use it as an alternative if I need something long-lasting but I still prefer soliflore fragrance. I've been told that Givenchy's "Irresistable" is pretty good but it's EDT. I looked for it at the Sephora store and dept store but couldn't find it. I'd rather try it out first before buying it online.

    Please do let me know if you find something!!:yes:
  5. Nahema by Guarlain. Pretty hard to find but pretty lovely. Also Stella's Rose Absolute.
  6. Wooo ... Tea Rose, that sounds nice. If you can find out what brand it is and what type of notes are in there, that'd be great~~ TIA:flowers:
  7. what about YSL paris? it has tons of rose and it's SO pretty (alas, not on me, i can't wear rose....but i like smelling it!)

    fracas has a lot of rose in it too.
  8. Have you tried any of the many gorgeous rose scents by Les parfums de Rosine? They sell them at Lusciouscargo. They all smell amazing.:heart:
  9. These are truly the best!!! I used one where rose was mixed withl lime, it was amazing!!
  10. Hi! Just wanted to say I make an amazing rose perume for myself (perfect, pure rendition of a single-note rose), and I would be more than happy to send you a small mini-sprayer full of it. Hopefully you are in the USA? Send me a PM if you would like it. :yes:
  11. I am loving makeup artist Paula Dorf's rose fragrance "Dita"-- I think its getting harder to find now, but it is heavenly! Comes with an atomizer too!
  12. Walk, don't run, to your nearest Jo Malone counter and ask to try Red Roses. It's made from the fragrance of 7 different rose types and is truly pure rose. It's not overpowering at all....extremely light and fresh-smelling as that is Jo Malone's signature way. You will love it!!!

  13. What about Jo Malone's Tuberose--smells lovely!
  14. Maybe try Woods of Windsor. I've not tried their perfumes, but I like their True Rose room spray. Here's the link:

    True Rose