rose or seafoam WEEKENDER???

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  1. Ever since I saw the rose and seafoam weekender in Material Girls - Ive wanted one. I prefer the rose though - Hilary duff was wearing it and the leather looked really soft and smooshy - anyone know where I can find one? - greatly apreciated
    Hollie XxX
  2. That a tough one but I think I'd have to choose rose.
  3. They must have been carrying a city or weekender. No works were made until '05 (I think).
  4. i think the "work" was introduced in the 05 season.....
  5. oh snap, chi, balenciaga minds think alike.....
  6. oh right okay im no balenciaga expert - it was really massive so it must've been the weekender - are they still around to buy?
  7. i would pick rose...but my ultimate goal is a 2004 lilac weekender
  8. I've only ever seen veiny shiny lilacs so its put me off the colour plus lilac wouldnt go with my wardrobe. Does anyone have any idea of where I should look to find one - selfridges? aloha-rag?
  9. seafoam :yahoo:

  10. I think the only place you can get the "early" bags is ebay or a consignment shop...

    Good Luck with your search!
  11. thanks catcat - im going to constantly check ebay then :yes:
  12. Ooh, does anyone have any pics from the movie of them w/ the bags?
  13. Rose is such a pretty color !
  14. I looked on google but they didnt have any pics:sad:
  15. The lilac Ive seen has grayish tints, and its gorgeous!!!

    I vote for the seafoam, since green is my favorite color.