Rose or pink gold jewelry?

  1. I love rose gold - have a couple of pieces - and just wonder if anyone else does and what do you have? I have 2 pieces by Cartier - one is the Love necklace and the other is the Love ring w/pink sapphire...I have been wanting a charm bracelet maybe? And like a necklace from the C Motif line as well -- anyone else have any suggestions of other lines?
  2. i love rose gold, i only have pieces made by my local jeweler though. I have a simple marine link bracelet with a chopard style floating diamond heart charm, and a wheat link chain with small diamond rings on it. My camera battery is dead or i would post pics. I would try a line called fobe they use pink gold and have interesting pieces.
  3. I have a rose gold chain that holds my 3 Helen Ficalora charms - 2 white gold and 1 rose gold that I wear between the 2 white gold ones (My initial and DF's initial in white gold, with LOVE in pink gold between). It's my only rose gold, but I love it! I wear a lot of white metals - hardly any yellow - and find that I like the contrast of my rose gold with my sterling, WG, plat, etc.
  4. I really like pink gold as well. I have the same love ring as you! I also wear a Nudo garnet ring which is set in white gold with a pink gold band. Pomellato has a pretty large selection of pink gold jewelry. Pink/Rose gold seems to be a trend currently so many jewelers are starting to use pink/rose gold. Tiffany's has some pieces in the NYC store that are in rose gold. Also, during Breast Cancer awareness month the NYC Van Cleef store had some of its Byzantine Alhambra collection in pink gold (ie the charm bracelet was avail in pink gold). I am not sure if it is still available now though.

    I personally like the hue of Cartier's pink gold (same as Pomellato's) it's not as red as some other pink/rose golds (like Tiffany's).

    Have fun looking and keep us posted,
  5. I LOVE it too, I wear mostly platinum or white gold but I just love the color of the pink. I have a rolex with the pink dial which in my opinion is very rose goldish so I love to tie everything together with some rose gold pieces, I have a couple necklaces and a great Hawaiian band I wear as a thumb ring. If I ever do get a cartier love bracelet I think rose gold will be the choice for me!
  6. i love rose gold too.
    my omega constellation is in pink and white gold. I also have necklace and ring in that colour too
  7. I just recently heard of the Pomellato line...and I did see even online Tiffany has a few pieces...I'm thinking the charm bracelet and maybe I'll look into the VC line! I do think it's great more are coming out with it...
  8. Rose gold is beautiful and very much in fashion now..
    Many jewelry houses are producing new lines with rose gold : Piaget, De grisogono, and Boucheron have made stunning rings, pendants and earrings with rose gold.
    Visit their websites and have a look
  9. I love, love rose gold!

    My everyday jewelry is mostly rose gold and really complements my skin tone.

    Pomellato also makes lots of jewelry in rose gold and, together with Cartier, I really like how they make the shades of rose gold. The TIffany rose gold for me is too pink.