Rose McGowan

  1. Did she say what she had done. . . . . . . . . . .
  2. aww...she was an attractive girl...she should have left her face alone.
  3. She was sooooo beautiful before, how sad. She does look 20 years older.
  4. that's too bad that she looks older in her after pics
  5. Isen't it a bit strange that her collar bones aren't sticking out as much in the second pic, even though she looks somewhat slimmer? Perhaps it's just her posture..
  6. aah!
    what happened to her :sad:
  7. She has had surgery? I had seen these photos a few weeks ago and I really thought that she looked that way (in the second series of pics) because of a bad makeup job and a not so flattering hair cut! But it all makes sense now! lol
  8. WOW

    I guess i am the only one who dosent think she looks that different!

    I dont think she had palstic surgery!If she said she did*wich i doubt*then it sure wasnt that extreme.

    I mean look at her face features,there is not so much difference.

    The 80s hair and make/up made her look way older,but to call her appearance drasticly changed is an exaggaration imo!
  9. OMG...:wtf: :wtf: :sad:
  10. I just think she's too thin. Her face looks the same to me, just gaunt. And her hair...I'd be more curious to know what happened there! :wtf:
  11. Yikes. Not really looking great if you ask me.
  12. :push: Why would she DO that?
  13. oh my! what happened? She looks like an old lady w/ a bad face lift.
  14. she kinda looks like a drunk. it looks like she's 50 and has got some work done. at firts i felt sorry for her but if she's really been so stupid and made her PERFECT face so ugly i can't feel sorry for her... :shocked:
  15. Hmmmm.....I don't see it. Looks like she's just making a strange face in the second set of photos.

    I think she's beautiful!