Rose McGowan

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  1. Before...



    I hope she sues the crap out of her doctor. She was so beautiful!
  2. :nuts:

    She shouldn't have been getting work done in the first place. She was so beautiful. She looks completely different &much older now.
  3. Yes, I agree and no doctor in their right mind should have cut on her face at her age. Some doctors will say anything to get someone to have surgery. There are good doctors and bad ones, but there are a lot of shady plastic surgeons.
  4. I remember thinking she looked 'funny' after seeing pics of her at the Vanity Fair Oscar party.
    It's so sad as she was so, so, so beautiful. I loved her on Charmed, she forever looked gorgeous!
  5. I think I read somewhere that she got in a car accident and had work done on her eyes. Not sure where I read this though...
  6. I read that too but I think it was a PR ploy to try and explain why her entire face looks so different. She claims an airbag crushed her glasses on her eyes, but that sure doesn't explain the facelift she appears to have had...not something you need to correct some scars.:hrmm:
  7. She looks like a drag queen. It ages her 20 years. How horrible but I am sure she thinks she looks hot.
  8. she was so pretttttyyyy!!!!
  9. O.o

    Something definetly happened. She looks strange.
  10. She might think she looks hot, but I doubt it. I don't think anyone wants to look 20 years older, different, and a lot less attractive.

    There are a lot of people who deeply regret plastic surgery. The doctor promises one thing, doesn't have the skills, and then ooops their faced is messed up and there's not much you can do about it.

    Unlike prescription medicine where there is a product insert which the FDA mandates it to lists all adverse events, there is no such thing with plastic surgery. Doctors can say pretty much say and do anything. The money they make is incredible, they lose all reasoning of right and wrong. The risks of the surgery are usually minimized, if discussed at all. It's also hard to research bad plastic surgery because doctors are allowed to "bury" their bad results and not too many people are willing to come forward to talk about it. Usually all you see is great results because thats what the doctors want you to see, which is why so many people have surgery in the first place. If they only knew the truth, I bet a lot less people would have it and the doctors would make a lot less money.
  11. i feel sad for her.
  12. :yes:

    lets hope she doesnt get addicted to plastic surgery!
  13. Honestly, I think she looks pretty much the same. Just some normal aging. Am I missing something?? She pursed her lips together so that might make her appear collagened, but I think it's just the way she puckered up her lips. Her eyes look a litlte squintier but it could be just in that photo, maybe she got blinded by a flash or something.

    If she had plastic surgery, it's not obvious to me.
  14. I think it is exaggerated by the wrong choice in make-up and she seems to have lost a lot of weight. She definitely looks 20 years older here. What exactly did she have done? I thought she looked better before!
  15. she admitted to having plastic surgery.

    To me it looks like she had an aggressive facelift and a slight brow and eye lift. Her hair style in not helping matters. I hope things get better for her.