Rose Mabel At Shepton Mallet.

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  1. If anyone is interested they have a rose Mabel in stock at Shepton Mallet also a new Navy Poppy Bag :yes:
  2. Oooh, any idea how much the Rose Mabel is?
  3. Ooooh, interesting! I didn't even know the Poppy came in navy. Wonder if it's the satchel or the shoulder bag :confused1: Might have to call them.... purely for research purposes, of course :p I've sold one of my bags and am about to sell another two so I'll soon be in the market for something new :yahoo:

    Goldfinch - they're normally around 30% off, I think.
  4. OH MY GOD! I've been lusting after the rose Mabel but had promised myself nothing new until May. Someone please buy this so I don't!
  5. The Rose Mabel is £420 retail £650 ?

    Didn`t dare ask for the navy Poppy bag ..
  6. You Mulberry Brits talking about Mulberry outlets makes me want TO SCREAM!!! I get the Mulberry itch so bad...and I can't even see full price bags!!!! Maybe that's why I never have to put myself on a bag ban, because I LIVE a bag ban at all times! Mexico is a natural bag ban!
  7. OOh! how lovely! What other bags did they have??
  8. TG - I need to swap with you! I NEED to be somewhere remote so I can't get my hands on those bags. Spent the afternoon brainwashing myself that I really don't need rose Mabel - which I don't. Yippeeee, it worked!
  9. Tara have you managed to track down a red mabel yet? I'm loving mine to bits! Sarajane; I know you've talked yourself out of it but it really is a fab bag, soo lightweight compared to darwin and a lovely smooshy shape :tup:
  10. oooooh the red mabel sounds lovely orkney!

    I'll talk you out of the rose mabel sarajane - it will be terribly inpractical, get dirty at the flick of an eyelid and is, for the most part, a summer bag... and how many months of summer do we get here eh?!

    But you know you want to!!!
  11. AHEM! Impractical??? :p

    Holds an absolute ton of stuff despite being a medium sized bag, has suede compartments at the front and back for chucking more stuff in as well as huge zipped compartment and as for the colour, the SA advised me to just collonil and go with the red so I'm sure rose will be the same. Its soo light compared to my darwin bags, mulberry have gone in a totally different direction and its worked, the leather is sooo lovely and sooo soft. My two favourite bags just now are red mabel and oak rosemary, I'm actually considering parting company with my araline's; I never thought I'd say that! :wtf:

    Think of how beautiful rose mabel will look in the south of france sarajane!:tup:
  12. Not in terms of the size and stuff, I was thinking more of the colour. I know if it was me I would get a mark on it in no time, probably a big biro mark... but then again other people arent as clumsy as me perhaps? :nogood::lol:

    Orkney, as for the aralines, just throw them down the way to me...... :lol::lol::lol::yahoo:
  13. You have a claret araline dont you hulahoop? How do you find it for getting marked? I saw a lady on the other week with one on the subway, it was sooooooo grubby it took me ages to work out it was supposed to have once been claret! The washed nappa curse!
  14. I do yes, I dont think it is too bad really, mines not marked at all. But that could be because Im so wary that it will get marked that im quite cautious with it, not like with my black one which just gets chucked about everywhere! Also I havent used it for ages to be honest :shame: I really should dig it out again... I go through phases of using one bag loads, and then I get bored of it and move on to another one... eventually it comes round full circle. I did use the claret loads last summer though, and I can see myself using it a lot also this spring/summer :tup:
  15. thats great hulahoop, the one I saw was soooooooo grubby, but at least she was getting the use out of it I suppose! I'm the same, I'm thinking I'll use my araline's more in summer, I think that slouchy style bag works so well with summer style clothes. A red (or claret) bag is a wardrobe staple!