Rose Legacy Shoulder Bag

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  1. My Legacy Shoulder Bag in rose should be here this week. I got THE LAST ONE in Jacksonville. I am hoping and praying it isn't a return.
  2. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you :wondering
  3. Keeping my fingers crossed for you too! I actually saw someone with one on yesterday and it looked so pretty!
  4. FYI- I saw the matching wallet on eBay last was I think at $175.
  5. How exciting!
  6. Yeah KofP had a pink wallet but I didn't know if the bag was going to go through so I didn't order it. The eBay one is on my watch list. I feel sorry for the seller because she says in her auction (if true) that she is apparently getting laid off so she is selling her entire Legacy Line. I have been watching her listings.

    They had to actually write down my info on a fax form and fax it to jacksonville. Then Jacksonville had to verify it was there and available and approve the sale. My SA called Sat and said it was on it's way but he couldn't verify condition.
  7. Yeah...I saw that in her auction and felt really bad too :sad: Hope your bag is brand new...such a pretty color!
  8. Beautiful bag...enjoy!
  9. I hope it's a new one! Congrats!
  10. Hey, I think that might be a TPFer! I just read in another thread where someone mentioned that she sold half of her Legacy stuff last week, and has the other half up this week, for a similar reason. Whoever she is, I sure feel badly for her :sad: