Rose Jaipur or Rose Lipstick for Birkin 30

  1. i am a fan of rose lipstick. rose jaipur is slightly fluorescent and not my cup of tea...
  2. :tup::tup::tup::tup::tup:
  3. Both color is nice but I choose RJ for that unique coral color :smile: RL is more pink compare to RJ but I lean more to Rose Tyrien or 5P Pink if I want something pink.
  4. anyone can answer me the difference of Rose Tyrien and Rose Lipstick? would it be looking too similar?
  5. The only thing they have in common is that they are both 'pink'. As long as you are fine having two bags/items in pink, they are *very different*, Rose Tyrien is a hot neon candy pink and Rose Lipstick is a powdery pink with a slight orange undertone. Rose Tyrien has a cool tone whereas Rose Lipstick is warm toned.
  6. Thanks for yr reply! Since i've only got one Rose Tyrien in the pink family, and hv missed the Rose Jaipur in the last season, therefore i'm thinking if the Rose Lipstick would be a nice one as i havent seen the color IRL. :graucho:

  7. thanks for your information .

  8. rose lipstick to me!!
  9. Rose lipstick!
  10. rose lipstick :biggrin:
  11. Saw this today, I think it's the Lipstick pink as i use my lipstick pink to compare the color, slightly different, but I don't know if it's the lighting and the plastic wrap that makes the difference, I have seen like 4 of the same colors difference sizes in 2 different stores in one block :faint:
  12. Rose Lipstick :biggrin:

    But Jaipur is very pretty as well IRL. If you can get both :biggrin:
    If not, RL is the choice :biggrin:
  13. Okay for a man to join in on the conversation? :smile:

    Trying to get a pink birkin for my wife's birthday present. I've been presented with a rose jaipur and a rose I'm learning there's a rose lipstick, too many choices, lol!

    Glad I found this thread comparing the Jaipur and the lipstick, but someone mind chiming in on the tyrien? (apologies in advance for the thread jack. I guess forums policies are preventing me from creating threads for 10 more days)
  14. Rose Jaipur is lovely
  15. Hi there..
    So sweet of you to find a Birkin for your wife..
    Rose Jaipur and Rose Lipstick is very similar, RJ has more coral while RL is more pinky but still has some coral tone on it.
    RT is deep pink.. Its the prettiest pink IMHO, but RT only comes in Epsom leather.. And im not a big fan of epsom.. RJ comes in Clemence and Epsom.. Am not too sure about RL i think it comes in either Togo or Clemence..
    I personally would go for either RJ or RL in GHW.. I think its easier for you to get RL since its this season's color while RJ is from last season..
    Good Luck.. :smile: