Rose - is this like a salmon color?

  1. Is it pinky? or is there more of a warmer undertone to it, making it more salmon in color? TIA
  2. no, it's just "rose" from 04 I believe.
  3. Rose 2004. It isn't really salmony, but it is hard to take an accurate picture of.

  4. yep, that's it. Can you describe the color since it's so hard to capture? TIA
  5. I just took this pic for someone else, so here it is compared to a really bright pink, bubblegum, so you get the idea.


    I would say it really is rose, a deep rose color. It isn't as red as lots of pics taken with flash make it look. I have seen some bags that are very used that look a bit faded. This picture shows the true nature of the color. In natural light, no flash, sort of overcast day.
  6. Rose is beautiful!!
  7. oh the rose is pretty :smile:
  8. Rose is TDF, I am not a pink person an I :yes: 04 rose - maybe think of it as pink with an edge? :smile: Not salmon at all.
  9. I LOVE LOVE your bag!!!!!! (Can I have it?:love: )
  10. I love that color too!
  11. Oh my gosh - I LOOOOOOOVE this bag and color!!!!
  12. Rose 04 is one of my favourite colours along with lilac 04 - they are so pretty. I wish balenciaga would introduce better colours, I suppose I will have to wait till the fall to see the violet!
  13. Just look at that leather; it's beautiful!!!
  14. Amen. Hate to praise my own bag, but I think it's no contest - the "old" leather was soooooo nice. Want it back. :crybaby: