Rose indienne & rose Jaipur comparison

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  1. Dear friends, does anyone have a photo of Rose Indienne & Rose Jaipur together, preferably in Clemence but ant leather would be most helpful. Trying to workout if I can wear the two colours together.

    I've searched the leather swatch thread but not looked at every posting. So if I've missed something please let me know. Thanks in advance
  2. Hey I don't have a picture for comparision but hope this helps. :smile: Rose Indienne is a purple-ish pink. It looks similar to magneta. My SA showed the swatch to me so that's my perception of the color. Rose Jaipur is a bright pink, very similar to neon coral. There are many pictures of Rose Jaipur on TPF. = ) someone with comparision pls post here soon :biggrin:

  3. Thank you meowmeow94 for your fast & helpful reply. I have and adore Rose Jaipur but have had great difficulty finding matching accessories so I've been debating getting a toning colour. Adore RJ as my Clemence has an almost luminous glow so my neutral leathers don't really work.
  4. So far I only seen ri in exotic only

  5. Ah! Thanks so much for that info bagidiotic! Now that explains a lot as the only photos I've seen so far are exotic and I'm not putting an exotic with a wear anywhere casual evie.

    Much appreciated!