Rose inclusion bracelet PM

  1. Someone should grab that! That is a steal for a discontinued bracelet.
  2. I know...I have to restrain myself because I just got mine..
  3. If it were black, I would be on it. I have my heart set on a black one to go with my beige. I think the rose is too close to the beige colored one.
  4. Oh someone already got it!

    Btw, how come I cannot see the lvs in the bracelet?
  5. And...the size looks like is in between the PM and the GM? Just wondering.
  6. It's the older ones that don't have "LV" actually on the bracelet on the PM size, only the GM ones (pink and yellow) had LV.
  7. wow, someone snatched it for a great price! lucky them
  8. I hope it's Pfers..
  9. Thanks ayla, I learn something new about lv eyeryday here, hehehehe...

    Bagsnbags, I hope a pfer got it too.