Rose help...

  1. Please help I need to know the difference between the lighter shades of rose
    I saw Rose Naturelle and Dragee and the only difference I see is the trim paint. Naturelle is in the same shade pink as the hole bag and Dragee is in Grey. Is this correct Please help.
  2. I am here, I am here!!


    oopsie, don't know anything about this...someone more knowledgeable will be along soon....
  3. Thank you the hole thing is driving me nuts. I saw a Naturally in person and now I want that color instead of the Dragee.It looks more uniform,To me. It was in swift Lovely.
  4. never mind.......
  5. S mom I don`t get it?
  6. Rose, LOL!!!! (I thought the same thing, naturally...)
  7. well, I don't feel so silly any more, now that S'mom has mentioned pork.....
  8. LMAO!!!!! I can be such an idiot.....I swear.......
  9. I think that is abot it!.... ( the difference)

  10. :roflmfao::roflmfao:

    I completely thought this was going to be a scarf/kelly/elegance question, too!!!!!
  11. reminds me of ROSE shocking!! remember you answered to that, too? :p
  12. lol, yes.....
  13. Yeah that's what I thought too, when I saw the title :yes:
  14. I am so sorry Rose I just read the tittle and I apologize.

    Princessfrog That is a 3RD color . The painted trim of the (rose D is Grey) and the Kelly bag on the pink family thred is more like the one I saw but in swift.are they very different? I haven't seen the (rose D) IRL
    thank you Sweetea for pic