Rose Gold?

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  1. So, I am just starting to consider what I will want for an engagement/ wedding ring. After trying some things on, and since I work with my hands, I decided I would just want an eternity band. I prefer the feel of channel cut bands.

    I was at Saks recently and found the perfect one- a Roberto Coin Cento channel cut eternity band (I think it is called the Florentine collection.) It is simple but not too plain. The ring come in white, yellow or rose gold and after trying them on I prefer either the white or rose. Do you think rose gold is too trendy for an everyday piece? I wear jewelry in all metals and would be fine mixing them-as long as they looked nice together.
  2. I'm a big fan of rose gold. I love the way it looks and I love the way it stands out. I don't consider it trendy but then I think of jewelry as something very personal. If it feels right to you, who cares what trend it might or might not follow.

    My answer is to concentrate only on what you like the best so forget everything else. If you like it better than the white or yellow, get it.

    I kind of like the idea of a rose wedding set anyway. It's very unique.
  3. i love rose gold. it is so flattering on nearly every skin tone, and i do not find it trendy at all. i seldom see it on anyone.

    if you mix your metals, i think rose gold is a great option because it essentially matches both white and yellow gold.

    Is it this ring?? If so, it's such a lovely choice. I think rose gold is perfect way to tie in multiple metals and would be very pretty for an engagement/ wedding ring!
  5. That's the ring! I didn't post the picture because I think it is much prettier and more subtle IRL. I actually like it in all of the metals but rose gold complements my light olive skin best.
    It is very comfortable and something I would be happy wearing everyday. As a chef, I would probably never wear a big engagement ring.
  6. my friend has a rose gold engagement ring.

    soo soo pretty.

    and unique
  7. ITA! :tup:
  8. Oh my goodnes...I think it would be beautiful and classic in every way. If I had the option, I would've chosen a rose gold ring. DH surprised me (like, totally surprised me) when we got engaged, so I didn't really have a say. But, definitively, without a doubt, rose gold. VERY unique (as VuittonsLover mentioned). And not trendy @ all, imo--total classic. GL with your decision! And congrats!
  9. I love *colored* golds and don't think they are trendy at all. It's all about what looks good on you.

    Really yellow gold has always been wrong on my skin tone. I have had a number of pieces made in both green and rose gold (and am on the hunt for some cool rose gold hoops right now) because they DO flatter my skin tone. I love them, and have for years. I don't see myself tiring on them!
  10. I love rose gold. I have a bunch of necklaces and bracelets made from rose in additiong to yellow and white detailing. I think it depends on your skin tone. I like rose gold jewelry in general since my skin tone is slightly tanned and I am not pale. But for my e-ring I would prefer white gold/ platinum. If it blends well with your skin tone and you want it- then you should get it! Be sure to post pics once you bought it! :tup: