Rose gold Tiffany heart tag bracelet - suddenly having second thoughts?

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  1. I've been eyeing up this rose gold Tiffany heart tag bracelet for years but for some reason or another, never ended up buying it. A couple of months ago hubby reserved one, which was the last one left, but just as the SA was boxing it up he noticed a big scuff mark on the heart charm and walked away knowing that I wouldn't want it. Since then hubby's contacted the manager to order one in, which took around 3 weeks, but because of the timing he's unable to pick it up until next week. During this time I've gone from "Super excited, yaaaay!!" to the current "Hmmm, should I get something else instead?" and I can't figure out why. I think one of my concerns is whether this style is too trendy and maybe I won't be able to wear it a few decades on, which would be a waste :frown:

    Something else that I've been drawn to is the rose gold Bulgari B.Zero pendant but again, I don't know if this is too trendy. I prefer bracelets in general (already have a rose gold B.Zero bracelet) as they can be worn all the time, plus I can look at them whenever without needing a mirror. First world problems I know :lol: but I would really appreciate everyone's input. Do you think these are too trendy? Can you see someone in their 40s+ wearing them? TIA! :hbeat:


    What the bracelet looks like IRL:

    Bulgari B.Zero pendant:
  2. I’ve had the silver version for at least a decade. It was the before the multiple sizes were available and cost US $175. Haha
    I’m 48 and still wear it several times a week. It’s just an effortless clean piece of jewelry.
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  3. If you love the bracelet go for it. I don’t think it’s too trendy at all and it’s a classic Tiffany piece.
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  4. (Chunky) Chains will always come in and go back out of style, they just so happen to be coming back right now. But this bracelet and RTT in general has been around for far too long to consider it a trend(y) piece. I personally consider it a Tiffany classic.
  5. I think RTT is classic. However, for me, I aged out of my pieces. This is just my opinion
  6. You could have the charm attachment replaced with a closure so you can remove it at will. Then the bracelet is just a nice rolo chain until you add the charm back on.
  7. I have the silver version which my husband bought for me many years ago, I used to wear it a lot and although I will always treasure it because of the sentiment, now I personally find it too young for me, I am in my early 50’s.
    Plus nowadays I find the Tiffany name plastered all over a piece of jewellery tends in my opinion to cheapen it and is free marketing for the company but at a high cost to the customer. Also the Return to Tiffany tag is so often faked.
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  8. Thank you for your replies everyone! Having slept on it for a few days, I still find myself on the fence so I'm leaning towards not getting it for now, but maybe I'll find myself changing my mind (again) later...

    Another reason I'm hesitating is that this bracelet isn't quite the same as the original version I saw years ago, which had a plain heart and the links were of uniform thickness as opposed to the current version with thinner links on either side of the lobster clasp. Granted the original was only available in yellow gold and I much prefer rose gold, but I also prefer the plain heart over "Return to Tiffany".
  9. You make a great point about free advertising! :lol: I remember the original version of this bracelet had a plain heart, before they were all changed to "Return to Tiffany", and the same goes for the silver version. I would prefer this bracelet with a plain heart but sadly it's no longer available.
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  10. That's a very good idea, thank you!! I think I'll have a look at the clasping link bracelet and maybe get that with a single charm instead. That way there's always the option of adding more charms in the future :graucho:
  11. I am so happy I found this thread! I have been trying to find the 'ideal' classic, gold charm bracelet for quite some time. So far, this Tiffany one is the best option I have come across. The only thing putting me off the heart pendant it comes with - I would be removing that asap and slowly start building on the charms. That being said, I AM paying for the heart charm so it seems wasteful...does anyone know of other similar charm bracelets? I am not into Pandora or the Links ones...
  12. I have the oval link bracelet in YG and I love it. It fits 7 to 9 charms depending on the length of the bracelet. It looks nice on its own too.

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