Rose Gold: The New Gold Standard *pics*

  1. New Gold Standard
    To compete in a colorful, crowded market, jewelers try more rose gold

    This spring, jewelry designers are nudging shoppers to think pink -- pink gold, that is.

    After seeing consumers gravitate more toward colorful jewelry in recent years, retailers from Fortunoff to Tiffany and designers such as Dominique Cohen are launching more pieces made with pink gold, which is also known as rose gold and is a mix of gold and copper. Saks Fifth Avenue is carrying earrings and necklaces by Ms. Cohen featuring ice-blue or mint-green topaz stones set in rose gold. Tiffany, which had a few pieces in rose gold in its "Mesh" collection before discontinuing the color, is reintroducing the pink metal in the line next month.

    At Fortunoff, where the selection of rose-gold pieces is double what it was last spring, shoppers are buying engagement and wedding rings made of the pink metal, says Ruth Fortunoff, executive vice president of jewelry merchandizing. The trend is a reaction, in part, to the popularity of gold and silver handbags and accessories in fashion this spring, she says. "If you're carrying a metallic gold bag, you're not going to want to wear a lot of shiny yellow jewelry -- it's too much," she says. "It's more subtle if you wear rose gold, which mixes well with silver as well."

    Rose gold has more copper in it than yellow or white gold, but the price tag is often the same. That's because the percentage of pure gold in yellow, white and rose gold is the same. Duvall O'Steen, spokeswoman for the World Gold Council, an industry organization, says the price of gold -- no matter the color -- is largely driven by the amount of pure gold in it.

    Eighteen-karat yellow and rose gold, for example, both contain 75% pure gold and 25% other metals. In rose gold, however, copper is the predominant other metal, giving it a pink tinge. There is no discernible difference in durability between these different types of gold.

    The pink metal has long been used in jewelry. It became chic in the 1920s when Cartier unveiled its "Trinity" ring featuring three intertwined bands of white, yellow and rose gold and the French writer Jean Cocteau wore it, Ms. Duvall says. The metal surged in popularity in the 1940s when platinum was in short supply. Tobina Kahn, vice president of House of Kahn Estate Jewelers, says rose gold jewelry holds its value as well as yellow or white gold jewelry.

    High-end watchmakers are also experimenting with the metal. Responding to what it says has been a gradual increase in sales of rose-gold watches for both men and women, Patek Philippe began increasing its rose-gold offerings in 2000. It now makes 25% of its new styles available in rose-gold versions. The trend is expected to gain momentum through the fall -- at the Baselworld watch and jewelry show in Switzerland earlier this month several jewelers showed rose gold pieces that will be available at retail in six months.

    The rose-gold trend dovetails with another fad -- mixing different-colored metals in stackable bangles or layered necklaces. Jewelry designer Tina Tang, who sells online and in her two Manhattan stores, says she first started dabbling in rose gold a year ago and now makes 33 charms in rose gold and introduced six necklaces in the metal.

    Ms. Tang believes people like the color because its warm tone is more universally complementary. "White or yellow gold can look bad on some skin tones," she says. "But rose gold often looks good on pale or dark skin."

    Fortunoff -- Price: $395 to $1,595; Comment: The bangles are made of 14-karat rose gold with inset diamonds. Price varies according to the thickness of the bangle.
    Dominique Cohen -- Price: $6,000; Comment: An 18-karat rose-gold 'floral lace' opera necklace, 42 inches long.
    Tiffany & Co. -- Price: $475 in gold; Comment: These 'Mesh' narrow rings come in 18-karat rose-, white- or yellow- gold and sterling silver.
    Patek Philippe -- Price: $26,300 in rose or white gold; Comment: An 18-karat rose-gold men's 'Nautilus' mechanical watch with alligator strap.
  2. Very interesting article!! Thanks -- I love the rose gold for it being different...and my mom has a very old rose gold bangle which will be mine one day!
  3. I love rose gold. It's my staple color of jewelry and IMO Cartier makes the best rose gold.
  4. Although I like white gold the best, I like rose gold in little doses.
  5. I was actually in Baselworld and loads of new designs are in rose gold, especially in watches.
  6. I wanna go! (Also to the SIHH as well but no chance on that). In terms of watches, JLC Master watches has to be in rose gold to look good but then Patek (including the Nautilus above) and Breguet have to be in white gold or yellow gold.

    I don't know about rose gold. Sometimes it looks good but most of the time I am neutral may be because I see it as not different to yellow and if I am going to show off, I may as well go full yellow. In fact I have not a single rose jewellery. :rolleyes:
  7. ^^ In the Patek Philippe section of Baselworld, there was this beautiful ladies watch in rose gold with diamonds and white croc straps. It was gorgeous! In the Patek website, it's the Ref 4936R of the Ladies watches of the new collection/complicated watches.
  8. Pretty Lavan!! I am totally sucked in -- love that it's different...
  9. Great article, thanks I'm getting some Cartier love jewellery and I'm undecided against rose and white that rose gold seems to be taking off I might go for it!
  10. I've been wanting something in rose gold for quite a while, good to know the selection is increasing ^_^ Love the colour. ;)
  11. Huh huh, I have 4936G rather R :p. Or rather I had one - sold it to a friend because just got a new Breguet La Tradition and of course Breguet has to be in yellow gold.

    I like the white gold 4936 more but upon retrospection, I should not have bought any 4936 in any metal. I think when you buy a Patek, you either go simple Calatrava or full blown Grand Complication perpetual calendar and not go in between like me :sweatdrop: with a compromised annual calendar (now I am on the list for 3939HP - the ultimate stealth watch which looks like a $200 cheapo :lol:!).

  12. Bee Bee...that watch is stunning!

    And I love rose gold. Wish gold wasn't so expensive or I'd use it in my work more often.
  13. LaVan: I totally agree with you. My wedding band is the white gold, rose gold and the yellow gold - trinity ring? I am not able to find another rose gold as pretty as those from cartier! :love:
  14. I've always loved those mesh bangles from Tiffany!
  15. i love rose gold. thanks for posting the article.