Rose Gold Re-issue Still Available?

  1. [​IMG]

    Is this still available in USA? How much?? Thanks!
  2. pretty sure that's dark silver.

    and I think its all sold out... a couple on eBay though.
  3. It's coming back though!! You should call and get on a list for the dark silver, good luck :smile:

  4. It's a rose gold.. I have seen some rose golds on a second hand shop here in Hong Kong and they are sooo beautiful!! But they are making a lot of money with this though.. 28,0000 HKD just for this??? Tsk.
  5. Wow, I have never seen that color . . . it's beautiful! If somebody has/gets this IRL pls. post a pix, I am dying to see what that looks like. :nuts:
  6. Do you think this color will be included in the next season ???

    i want one :crybaby:
  7. I just hope so!! *crossfingers!* I want this color more than the dark silver one!! And I just hope it comes out here in Hong Kong too! I promise I'm going to grab one as soon as it gets here!!
  8. okay i'm really still thinking that's dark silver.

    i had a dark silver, but returned it. this is what it looked like.

    yes, dark silver will be back next fall (apparently)
  9. iam sure it's Rose Gold ... :smile:
  10. whatever.

    sorry for trying to help... i hope when you get (if you get) the rose gold, you aren't disappointed.
  11. I agree with Lovey, this is the dark silver. The rose gold is very GOLD, the dark silver is pewter goldish. This is the dark silver. The silver hardware is what gives it away! The rose gold reissue has GOLD hardware not silver. Please don't be misled.
    This is rose gold (from eBay)

  12. This is the one that I wanted! :drool: