Rose Gold LOVE ++

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  1. So, I have been looking for a rose gold bag, ever since my Phoebe didn't work out for me.....I wasn't a fan of the other styles from the recent collection with rose gold. However, i always randomly search ebay for "Coach rose gold" and see what I come up with....I came across this beauty today

    Coach Rose Gold Sabrina !!!!! It is a few years old, but the seller described it as new condition, and the photos seem to coincide with that description. I literally cannot wait to get it. I am beyond excited.

    I don't think the style is dated, but honestly, even if it is, I just can't stop staring at this bag!!!!!

    Here are some pics of it to hold me over until I get it in my hands and do a reveal!!!

    Please note: neither pics are mine.

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  2. Congratulations on the find. I use my Sabrina's all the time - definitely not a dated style. :smile:
  3. Gorgeous!
  4. Holy Gorgeous Bag, Batman!! :faint: Wowsers! I never knew Sabrina came in this color. What a find, congrats!
  5. Thanks! I didn't even know about the Sabrina style LOL, so imagine my surprise!!! I had a denim python Sophia but got rid of it a year ago....this will be a nice replacement :biggrin:

    Thank you!

    Thanks!!! I love it!!
  6. Beautiful. Now your making me want a rose gold bag:smile:

  7. Love it! The style is not dated (I carry mine); it's classic. And rose gold. GORGEOUS!!
  9. Very pretty. I really like the rose gold shimmer and the hardware. I hope she's as pretty in person. Congratulations!
  10. Very pretty! Sabrina is one of my fave bags. I have Sabrina in espresso and have since retired her. I find myself not wanting to use her in case she wears out. Lol. I'm protective of my bag even after about 5 years of owning her and loving her. Does that make me crazy? Don't answer that. :P
  11. Great find. I found one on E-bay a couple years ago too. It's a great bag, I love Sabrinas....
    I have a bit of a hard time trying to match outfits to it, usually browns work with it.....
  12. I remember this bag from its release. It is really nice, great discovery, enjoy. Don't worry, the style isn't dated. It's a modified doctor bag style, around all the time.
  13. That's a pretty bag! Congrats on finding one in the color youl were looking for.

    Personally, I think if someone likes a bag, carries it, and it makes them happy - whether it's a new style or older style - that's what counts. (Only the fashion police care if its new or old.)

    Looking forward to reveal pics.
  14. I remember this bag very well. IRL it looks like the second photo. I remember almost buying it and going back and forth on it until they were gone. I want to say this style in rosegold sold out & did not go to the outlet (or at least in mass). Sabrina was very popular. Then in the later editions they stopped doing the chain strap (which I love). I have black patent Sabrina with amber hardware and chain strap. They did a green patent chain strap, a camel patent I think, and maybe a purple color. I also think it was one of those where one of the sizes was a dept store exclusive like the Small Steel Sabrina. Congratulations on your upcoming bag! So great to see these blasts from the past. And it is a classic satchel style so no worries there
  15. Thank you!! I hope so as well!! *keeps fingers crossed*

    Lol! not crazy at all!! I am the same way about some of my bags!!!

    Yeah, I can imagine the trouble with that, I plan to use it a lot in the summer, with white jeans :biggrin:

    Thank you!!!

    I will most definitely post reveal photos!!!

    Woo hoo!!!! This makes me feel even more special and lucky to snag it!!!