Rose Gold Hardware

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  1. Found it on the website today, i was abt to order the rose gold hardware in black but now i changed my mind, olive color look so cute.

    Hope you like them..XD

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  2. I can't wait to see RGGH combo, too. I especially love to see it on the Town style like the Olive above, but in Anthra.
  3. I don't really like the black with the RGGH. I think it probably would go better with a color (like the olive).
  4. I don't like the black RGGH:tdown: but it seems like it's goes better with Olive. Not sure the RGGH is for me, don't think it will match my wardrobe... But I will not say for sure until I have seen it IRL!
  5. those pictures has been already posted, btw thanks for sharing.;).. i also don't like rggh with black, black with gold is better,imo
  6. I haven't been keeping up lately but the rose gold hardware caught my eye. Can't find them on are they on their site? Anyone know if they will do other colors & styles with the RGH?? I do like rose gold!:smile::biggrin:
  7. I too love the Rose Gold. I would love to see it with any shades of beige, white, red or pink.
  8. i found these pics on google and no they don't have it on their website. I've email to asked Anna from Bal london & Carmen from Bal Milan, they also cannot tell what style & color will come up for Rose Gold hardware. But they said it's comin in end of feb.
  9. hmmm not feeling the RGGH yet. definitely have to see it in person.
  10. Thanks for sharing. The RGGH Olive looks better imo. Need to see it irl.
  11. I'm not too crazy about rose gold in general. I guess I'll have to wait and see how it looks on a handbag IRL.
  12. will not carry the rose gold...I asked them about 3 weeks ago, only their boutiques.
  13. I am smitten with this rose HW :girlsigh:

    Olive does look really nice with this HW colour as well..

    Thanks for sharing the pics :smile:
  14. hi,
    it's coming end of Feb, 2011?? or end of March?