Rose Gold Hardware, here to stay?

  1. Do you think the Rose Gold Hardware, is here to stay, or just for a couple of seasons?
  2. Is here to stay.
  3. I don't know. I think it may be replaced by GGH again, at some stage. JMHO...
  4. I certainly hope it's here to stay!
  5. Please stay..
    It's here to stay
  6. i want GGH back!
  7. I so hope its here to stay-I love RGGH so much!!!!! :heart:
  8. I hope it hear to STAY, too!!! LOVE IT!
  9. please stay! It's my favorite GH...! they should bring back the GGH, but there is no need to replace RGGH. It would be nice to have more choice of GH(silver, gold n Rose). Don't you think?
  10. ^^Totally! And I think they should try and do the smaller "GH" on bags as well!!
  11. ^^^ I agree esp on a city, smaller 'giant hard wear' would be great. I would also LOVE to see the colour of RH but in would look great on a PT! That's probably why I like the RGGH as it's not as shinny!