Rose Gold Franck Muller or Cartier Roadster versus SS Patek 24 w/ grey face?

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  1. Which would you choose?

    I've always loved the Cartier Roadster, but feel it became so ubiquitous while I was trying to choose which one I wanted yet I still like it and I feel the Rose Gold is uncommon...

    The Franck Muller is beautiful and dressier (for better and worse) than the Roadster.

    The Patek is just different. I almost got one a few years ago, but just didn't pull the trigger and I come back to it b/c of the quality of the brand, but I do wonder why it hasn't really caught on.
  2. Patek for it's reputation.
  3. i would pink the rose gold muller. beautiful! but pick whichever watch is "you", which one would you make the most wear of...
  4. Muller
  5. Do you have pictures?
  6. Careful--rose gold has become very trendy--it's classic, but it's become so popular in watches you don't want it lose value/look dated
  7. rose gold franck muller gets my vote, my next choice would be the patek