Rose gold anyone?

  1. Does anyone have any rose gold pieces? If so please share!

    Also can i get opinions on it? I was thinking wouldnt it be special to have a ering with a single diamond on a simple rose gold band. :love:
  2. My cartier love bracelet is rose. There rose is very tone down, which I like. Most people cannot even tell it is rose unless it is next to yellow gold. Sorry about the bad lighting
  3. I think rose gold is very pretty. I love the trinity rings w/ white, yellow and rose gold. For me, a trinity ring w/ scattered diamonds would be an ideal e-ring/wedding band combo.

    Your idea sounds pretty. You'd probably like the trinity rings.
  4. My first rose gold is a charm necklace from Helen Ficalora. I have my initial and my fiance's initial in white gold, with a LOVE charm in pink gold, on a pink chain. I wear them almost every day! It looks great with my other jewelry - all white metals.

  5. Can you post a picture so i know what you are talking about?
  6. Very lovely! looks like yellow gold from this angle.. I will try to find a stock photo in google later =)
  7. [​IMG][​IMG]

    One w/o diamonds, one w/. From Cartier's site and
  8. Love rose gold, probably the favorite of mine among all precious metals. I have a rose gold Cartier ballon bleu watch w/ diamond bezel. I can't part with it, even wore it to skiing on the slopes. I saw Lindsey Lohan wearing it too. It's the perfect rose, not too pink like tiffany ones.
  9. omg!! :smile: I HAVE A TWO TONE.:wtf: i wish i could afford the 42mm in rose gold but theres only so much an 18 yr old can do!! lolol!! :yes:My parents also thought it was a bit over the top for my age but i loved it.:graucho:
  10. My wedding ring is rose gold. It dates to 1852 and was my great great grandmother's. It's court style - curved on inside & outside so it's incredibly comfortable to wear. The colour is beautiful, much pinker & richer than yellow gold. Here it is with my eternity & engagement rings.
    rings.JPG ring 2.JPG
  11. I haven't seen diamond studs set in rose gold but I imagine them to look pretty....Regarding rose gold, I think it's beautiful...
    I have 2 pieces in rose gold :
    De Grisogono watch in rose gold with leather strap which i bought 2 years ago
    ( I wasn't able to post its pics so i googled it ;) )
    And a pair of rose gold earrings
  12. I am a huge lover of rose gold! It's definitely making a comeback -- my mother has an old bracelet which is where I first saw it...I now have a couple of Cartier Love pieces (okay a few lol!) necklace, ring, them! Also when I saw it in a 2 tone watch I upgraded to that one!! A must have for me...
  13. I love rose gold! I have really been wanting an RG ring, maybe a diamond eternity band or a Gehry torque ring I can stack with others. I have this idea that since I already wear a YG ring ever day, I want a rose gold and a platinum/white gold ring to wear all the time as well so whatever necklace/bracelet/watch I wear, I don't have to worry about mixing metals. Is that nuts?
  14. Rose gold is my favorite!!! I have 2 diamond eternity bands in rose gold, and love them!!
  15. I have a couple of rose gold bracelets, and I really like its color, especially if it's on a tri-color set!