Rose First!!

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  1. any bets on how high this will go?
    it's in great condition.
  2. OHHHHH congrats Judy!! I love the high prices when my friends are making $$$. :yahoo:

    I also love when Bertie uses her white crochet tablecloth... hey, I just do.

  3. Aww thank you Winona! The buyer is super sweet and I know she is going to adore it. Actually I didn't really make any money to tell you the truth! I actually bought it for that much :Push: hahah yes am I crazy? :yes: Of course there's a little extra in the selling price to help cover fees, but yes when I really want a bag...I really want it. hahaha

    Now back to this thread...I REALLY want Bertie's rose first BUT I must constantly remind myself CITIES ONLY! hahahah Good luck to everyone who bids!!!
  4. ^^ you've switched huh?? I think it's nice to have a little of both...although I find I grab for firsts more, which is weird since I have two small kids.
  5. this color is so gorgeous!
    i don't think my wallet appreciates all these beautiful bags popping up all the!
  6. very pretty :P
  7. What a romantic colour.:love:
  8. Judy,

    I forgot to say CONGRATULATION!!! YAYYYYYYYYYY :yahoo:

    Luvpurse :P
  9. Oh I love this color! I'm sure the price will go way high tho :sad:
  10. I love this color! And I'm not a pink kind of person. Very appealing. One nice thing about eBay: you get to see lots of pretty bags.
  11. It's beautiful!!! I looove this color!:love:
  12. there was a BIN on this. I think it was like 1100-1200 or something like that. Too bad someone broke it already :sad:.
  13. 04 rose.
    argh, i love it....
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