Rose été comparison photos.

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  1. anyone has this lovely pink?
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  2. IMG_6278.jpg

    Rose Eglantine, Rose Sakura, Rose Confetti, Rose Ete, Rose Azalee, and Bougainvillea.
  3. IMG_6277.jpg
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  4. This is amazing... I have not seen so many shades of pink at one go
  5. Heh heh *somebody* likes pink!

    Wish I could stick my rose lipstick Calvi in with yours!
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  6. When you ask your SA for every pink that comes in so you have a calvi ombré effect for display .

    I still regret not getting rose lipstick! She had one for me when we first met but I was on the fence because I had rose azalee. By the time I changed my mind, it was nowhere to be found.

    Hope it helped OP! Rose Ete leans toward a salmon tone in comparison to the other pinks.
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  7. Thank you SO much for this and for taking the trouble to post photos. Amazing BTW! Do you use them all?
    I was shown this pink but had nothing to compare of with, it’s a lovely shade and looking forward to it .
  8. Here's mine Rose extreme v Rose ete
  9. Thank you, it's so interesting but you have to see colours together to get a clear idea. Without looking properly I would have guessed this to be rose confetti