rose dragee or cyclamen?

  1. Which one would you get? both are 35cm birkins and available to me..I can only keep one
    the rose dragee in swift or Cyclamen in Veau Epsom ??
    I history about my birkin family i have (rougeVIF ostrich,BJ,yellow,black,toile/brick).
    please help as I need to decide asap..
    thanks you guys
  2. Wow...tough decision...

    If you would like a special you might use a bit less go with the rose dragee. It is really pretty and in a certain way you get a hint of lilac. You may have to take care of this baby a bit, but it is so feminine.

    If you want a punch of color and a bag you can enjoy and not worry as much...go with the cyclamen.

    I have a hard time picking that for you. BUT, I think based on what you posted that you own I would go with rose dragee. You own some lovely color...maybe go for the elegant and soft bag. Something feminine.
  3. Kellybag took the words out of my mouth. You have many strong striking colors, so something soft/pale might add a nice variation to your collection
  4. I saw a rose bag...32 Kelly, last week. If you have dark hair, it would be great. I am pale, and it just washed me out. I think it's a beautiful color though. You will have to baby this bag, if that's a consideration
  5. I think the Rose Dagree is just exquisite, but slightly scarey due to its high maintenance needs. I agree with others it would complement what you have, but I guess you might just want to be doubly sure that it will fit in with your lifestyle. An envious choice to be making though! Let us know what you decide.
  6. I totally agree with Kellybag!
  7. Thanks you guys for your needed opinions!
    its just the care that im worried about.. plus im young (well not so but early 20s) and i dont know if it will fit into my lifestyle (at the moment) compared to the cyclamen..I LOVE color...but maybe the rose is a better investment? what will be easier to obtain the future you think?
  8. Epsom is definitely more durable so if this is your first H bag and want to use it alot I would go with that. My SA showed me a rose dragee swift Birkin, the color personally didn't do much for me and she said the handles would definitely discolor. Too high maintenance for me...
  9. I've seen a rose dragee 35 and somehow it just doesn't call out to me (but I like how rose dragee looks on a kelly 32). I'd go for the cyclamen if I were you
  10. I fear anything that light - but it is a beauty to look at! I would do cyclamen!
  11. i'm not sure if i quantify as young anymore...:p but i simply ADORE rose dragee!!!:love:

    however you should buy what you love right now & would currently enjoy. don't buy for the future.

    did you see the bags yourself? just get whichever sings to you. good luck!
  12. Kellybag hit the nail on the head, all right! My only worry about rose dragee is how light it is, but this might not be a problem for you. Whatever you decide, let us know! Good luck.
  13. You're young and daring---get the Cyclamen
  14. Hmm...I'm in my early 20's also... and I have a RD Kelly...
    its actually pretty easy to care for IMO...and I sit in a car with 3 dogs jumping around all day long so it holds up fine.

    Cyclamen is stunning but for intense. Good luck deciding, please show us your birkin collection (it sounds soooooo gorgeous..esp your yellow birkin!!!!)
  15. Ditto peppy!! I've seen both bags. I like bags where I don't have to worry when I carry her out. Looking at the arrays of birkins you already have, I figure you like bright colours like me. So Cyclamen Epsom is definitely the one I'll pick.