Rose Dragee or Brighton Blue??

  1. I'm hoping for some help!

    I would LOVE a Lindy and for the past couple weeks have debated back and forth over a Rose Dragee Lindy in Swift--beautiful. But I just received a call from my favorite SA and she said that a Brighton Blue in Clemence will be coming in shortly. My question is WHICH ONE!?!

    I need some guidance, I know these bags are a big purchase and I want to be 1000% sure of the one I pick.

    Here are some of the factors playing into my decision on which to pick:

    - I mainly wear black, gray, brown, blue (more earth tones and blues) with jean, etc.
    - I have a 4 yr old boy
    - I Asian and my skin tone is considered a cool tone, my hair is very dark brown on the verge of black
    - Moving to China so need something which can work easily in 4 seasons.

    Please any help and guidance would be so appreciated!! :heart:
  2. oh definately brighton blue emanu - your colors and fact you have a 4 yr old boy, well all of the reasons really, you will rock bb!!!
  3. brighton blue!
  4. I agree your description screams BLUE. :heart:
  5. BB baby!!!!!!
    I believe the color would work great for you, be wearable year-round, and most importantly, you wont feel that you have to be as precious with it as RD...good luck!
  6. Oh I forgot to mention....I do have my LOVELY Black VL Kelly w/GH. So I do have a dark colored bag....that is why part of me was leaning toward the Rose.
  7. BB all the way! post pix when you get it!
  8. bb in clemence!
  9. Bb! I'd be petrified if I got rose dragee.
  10. Blue Blue Blue
  11. what about blue jean instead then?
  12. Wow, it seems like blue is preferred over Rose.

    Now, I've never seen either in person, only from everyone's lovely descriptions and pics.

    Is there a reason why BB is beating out RD??? I love the idea of RD, but I am nervous about how light it is? Any Rose owners out there to give some advice???
  13. Hlfinn!!

    Ohhh, blue jean....I love my blue jean dogon! that is possible. However, I don't know if my NM Hermes boutique is getting a 34 Lindy in BJ. Hmmmmm, I'm gonna have to make a call!
  14. Blue! I gave my sister my rose bag. Too much trouble!
  15. Another vote for Brighton Blue!