Rose dragee kelly elongue

  1. Saw in the Loire website. I am surprised that the elongue comes in swift leather... wouldn't it be kinda "soft" for such a "long" clutch... oops that didnt come out too well:p...... unless Rose dragee is available in other leathers?


    Anyways, I love this bag...... saw a pale lilac in suede but prefer it in smooth leather
  2. Hmm interesting. I wouldn´t dare to touch it unless I had gloves on!
  3. it's lovely. but i do feel the color is a bit too delicate for me.
  4. That's why only the Japanese ladies will buy this... as they love their gloves (white) :p
  5. Not for me! I would rock that baby with so many outfits! I even have shoes to go with it. A few pairs of shoes :graucho:

    Ahh,.... such beauty deserves many nights out!
  6. Beautiful clutch purse... and archangel is right...that bag would look stunning with white gloves.
  7. That is a gorgeous color!!! I know some "lickable" Louboutins that would go perfect w/that bag!! YUMMY!!!! like cotton candy.....
  8. MG: thanks for reminding me of the "lickable" louboutins!! UGH!!!! :crybaby: did u order those louboutins for me tonite? and ur valentinos?

    that bag is so yummy. i have dresses that are so in need of that bag!!!!
  9. The new kelly calleche pochette with white/pink colorway will match this rose dragee kelly longue:smile:

    Hi archangel:smile: what is the site address for the longue pls? I did a search I cant find a Loire with H bags. TIA:heart:
  10. beautiful:heart::heart:I love PALE PINK
    Arch: It dosn't look like RD in swift, my birkin looks more like pale lilac, I would like to have this color, or this one is not SWIFT????
  11. oh my....that is just gorgeous....such a soft, delicate her!! Where exactly did you find this gem????
  12. TDF!!! I love both rose dragee and the longue...:girlsigh:
  13. Very sweet! It's RD in swift alright. I think this picture was taken under warm lighting, so it absorbed more colour.

    It's a flat clutch, and it being narrow and long, it should hold its shape pretty well.
  14. That RD is so sweet looking!! I believe it's due to the lighting too. The RD I have seen wasn't that pink.
  15. That is a sweet bag!