Rose Dragee in swift leather... need photos!

  1. Can anyone who has a rose dragee birkin/kelly in swift please post photos? I am concerned about the being high maintenance of swift leather, but can someone enlighten me further about the perils and joys of swift leather in this particular color??
  2. i think vermillion just got one from Paris. let me find her thread.........
  3. here's vermillion's rose dragee birkin from paris. what a beauty :
  4. *dies*
    its gorgeous... worried though, i wonder if its high maintenance, leatherwise. colorwise, its for sure high maintenance :p but oh :heart::heart:
  5. psst, Pazt, what is that other birkin in your photo beside the etoupe?? is that new??
  6. that's friend "j" 's vert olive birkin with GH in epsom.........nice neutral color too. it's more brown than green
  7. is this a SO color, or can you find it in the boutiques?
  8. it's not a SO color. it's a new color for this year's S/S's available in stores. lindys, birkins - i have yet to see it in real life though.
  9. What a sweet Birkin! :heart:
  10. But I wouldn't worry so much about the leather, rather the color. The very pale color makes this a bit harder to maintain compared to black or brown I would imagine.
  11. cobaltblu : hehehe....
  12. I've seen Rose Dragee in real life on a Kelly. It's quite feminine and pretty, but I'm afraid it'll get dirty very easily.
  13. sad. no point in trying to love it. the bag slipped away :sad:
    when i decided, it was GONE!! :crybaby: