Rose Dragee Birkin poll- how many of you own this color?

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  1. Hi All,

    I hope you guys will enlighten me since I'm such a newbie here :yes:

    I am wondering how many people actually own a rose dragee birkin, since I picked up one myself today and was wondering if I made the right choice being it my first ever birkin :hrmm:

    I am panicked that I went impulse buying, which is kinda I guess, hehe

    I have ordered a different color and different size birkin but when I walked in the H store, SA I know informed me of a birkin that just freshly arrived at the back, lo and behold I couldn't resist in spite of the fact that I told myself i LOVE white color but would never buy it coz I'm super messy and would get it dirtied easily!

    I know Rose is not white but close you know since it's light?!:shame:

    Also is this the newest color for Birkins? does anyone have more info on this? I know it came out spring 2007.........any new color for 2008?
  2. ohhhhh my gooooooshhh
    i love that color, i don't own one though...
    pleaaaaaaaaaaaaase take picc.. show show show
  3. I will pretty soon, gotta get hubbie to do it for me, hehe since I don't know how to use his professional gears , LOL

    I will post up soon :smile: I love pink so I love all versions, I actually ordered a cyclamen too :smile:
  4. Congrats on your first birkin.
    I have a kelly in RD and it is one of the most feminine colors ever. I adore it.
    It's one of those colored bags where people tend to admire from afar, rather than buy it (usually citing practicality as the main reason)

    Since you love the bag at first sight, then just enjoy it to the utmost. It really doesnt matter if you are the only one who owns this color (highly unlikely)... so long as it makes your heart sing everytime you use it (and that's what's important). You can wrap a pair of twillys around the handles and make sure to give the bag a wipe down after use, esp the corners.
  5. Great tip about twillys in the handles :smile: gives me some sort of relief from black handle syndrome, LOL

    Any ideas on what kind of twillys, in terms of sizes and colors and all to get? :smile:
  6. Twillys only come in one standard size. Perhaps something lavenderish/pinkish in tone to complement the soft color? Your SA will be able to show you how to tie the twilly round the handles.
  7. I agree with you about how people admire it from afar but never buys it becoz of so many practical reasons.......but then again I was always a color lover and never a plain jane :lol: I am on a mission to buy all my birkins in colors! If I need a basic colored one, will borrow one from my mom, :graucho:
  8. I love rose dragee and am contemplating it as a color for my first H bag. I wish you luck in your decision. Perhaps you might keep it, and consider your newly ordered cyclamen birkin as your "darker" birkin:P
  9. Saw a Rose Dragee swift Kelly 32 but was one of those who chickened out. The colour and leather combination is TDF but I won't be able to relax and enjoy using it. Sigh sigh. Congrats on your bag!
  10. I love the color of your bag but I dont have the guts to wear it because I would be too paranoid with it. Its lovely though!
  11. What size is your Birkin?
  12. I have a 35 RD Birkin in swift and I love it :love:!!

    I liked it (quite a bit) when I first saw pics of it on pf but it sort of cooled off when there was so much talk about it being a dirt magnet. But when I saw it IRL when it was offered to me, it was a no-brainer. Even DH approved, he pushed me to get it in fact.

    I like it too much to worry about it getting dirty and all. I just put in a little teeny weeny bit more care when using it. Enjoy your RD!! :yes:
  13. Hi - I have a 30 swift rose dragee birkin and just LOVE it. I also have a 35 epsom cyclamen birkin that is amazing. Apparently we both like that shade of color. The RD is more like a very dilute cyclamen than a dilute red/pink.

    I do not use them everyday. i have black and gold lindys that do the heavy duty daily lifting.

    i'm going to get the baby wipes [no alcohol] that martha stewart uses on her bags. i'm sure they will be great to keep the rd looking clean. the first time i used it, a waiter spilled coffee on it in several places. i didn't notice until the next day, after it dried. it wiped right off with no mark left.

    catabie has a rd lindy that she uses alot and it looks great.

    At first i bought birkins in basic colors to be safe, but then i found they were not making my heart sing. They went to new homes. my rose dragee and cyclamen and rouge vif birkins are here to stay.

    Congrats on your new birkin. The rd is not going to get any dirtier than a white or biscuit or etoupe etc. Get those baby wipes and enjoy!
  14. Rose dragee is very pretty - which leather did you get? There are newer colours for 2008. If you like the pinks, there is rosy, which is a kind of salmon colour.
  15. I have a swift 30 rose dragee...but didn't use it yet....