Rose Dragee Birkin or Kelly

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  1. Hi ALL...have recently started craving for a Rose Dragee bag after initial impartiality with the colour. Was going to go for a 30cm Birkin after sighting it on a lady who looked fantastic with it (just like Vermillion).:drool: Saw RD Kellys in 25cm & 28cm. Didn't think much of them till my local store manager mentioned that she felt RD looked better in a Kelly. At the same time, I would like to get a 28cm Kelly as well (was thinking Etoupe of Blue Jean). Now I'm totally undecided...I was so sure of a RD 30cm Birkin then am conflicted with thoughts of a 28cm Kelly.:confused1:

    You wonderful TPFers will be the best source of advice. Please spill!!!:P
  2. I personally like RD on a kelly. That color look so delicate and Kelly is so ladylike that personally I think it suits it to a "T".
    I prefer Birkins to be colorful with abit of ompf! I feel it's more causal and playful bag :flowers:
  3. OK, this is not what you asked, but I saw a massai in RD and I absolutely loved it. And I was only an admirer from afar of the massai, I did not see myself wearing it...but my SA made me try it, and WOWZA!!! it was awesome in RD.

    My life has too many dogs, goats, horses, pens, and teenagers for RD, but that was a really incredibly lovely bag....

    and something i had not thought of before, so wanted to share that.....RD is lovely!!!!!

    As I said, I know you were asking about B/K RD, but I wanted to throw that out there, because it was a total surprise to me to see how lovely the Massai was in RD!:heart:
  4. I'm RD obsessed. My personal opinion is after seeing both a 25 Kelly and 35 flat Kelly in RD it looks too "going to a tea party" (this is not a bad thing). I couldn't see wearing either of them with jeans or part of a professional wardrobe. I like it in Lindy, Birkin, Trim, or Massai because the RD is feminine, while the bag shape makes it laid back. In the case of the Birkin in RD it would be, for me, versatile.
  5. I love RD in principle but the reality of it gives me angina. So, if I were to do it, I would do it in a non-workhorse bag. A 28 Kelly if I had to choose between a Kelly or Birkin. My Birkins take too much of a beating (but I use them as totes as opposed to a true handbag).
    Personally I think RD in swift looks best in the Lindy. Something about the shape, the leather's hand, and the color really grabs me. Practicality issues aside...
  6. Kelly :heart:
  7. I love it in the lindy. The way it drapes is so pretty. Also, it isn't going to show scratches as easily, being the shape. Love the color with brown!
  8. I am more of a kelly girl so my first impulse is to say kelly....but I happened to someone carrying a RD birkin last week and I just about fainted! It took my breath away and I haven't stopped thinking about it!
  9. oh ... we are a divided camp here... :lol:
  10. kelly - delicate, feminine and surprisingly i think it would look extra special with GHW.
  11. Thanks for all your feedback! Looks like support is greater for the Kelly, with the Lindy next and Birkin last. Perhaps this is due to RD being perceived as a TLC-colour more appreciated on the refined Kelly. A Birkin seems to be the "workhorse" more befitting a hardier colour. :yes:

    Seems that RD is a colour that is more attractive when seen IRL, especially on the arms of others. That's how my love affair with RD began :girlsigh:
  12. You are right!!!:yes: GHW would lift up the pallor of the RD. GHW on RD may have to be a special order. All the RD Ks or Bs I've seen thus far have been with palladium.
  13. i say kelly, i LOVE RD but the thought of it in a birkin would give me fits...i'd be so worried about getting it dirty by banging it into the walls or something. i'd be much less likely to mess up a kelly (but that's just me, i'm clumsy).

    either way, you can't go wrong with the color!
  14. Both:nuts:

    I'd Love RD For A Kelly.....But, It's Beyond Gorgous For A Birkin:heart::heart::heart:
  15. I like the RD birkin in 30. I've seen it in person and think its so cute!!!!!!