Rose Dragee, Birkin? Kelly? 30cm? 35cm?

  1. OK so I know some of you already know that DH is letting me get my last 3 Birkins (or Kellys) for this year. Now with the help and support of Patz I have chosen a JPG Birkin (color yet to be determined) for one of my purchases.

    Now I was thinking of the color Rose Dragee for the next purchase. I love the light color, it has a softness that appeals to me. So can you tell me what leather is available for Rose Dragee? I have so far only seen it in swift, does it come in clemence? I've seen a Kelly (swift), Birkin 30cm (swift), and a Lindy. Has anyone seen it in a Birkin 35cm clemence with GH?
  2. i think so far it's only in swift, SP. it's a lovely lovely color :biggrin:
  3. I just got my 32 cm Kelly on Beige Rose in Clemence leather with GH. She is gorgeous! This is my first light color and my first Clemence experience with Hermes and I am loving it. I heard there will be alot of Swift this year. Good luck on your searching.
  4. I've only heard about it in Swift. For this color, I'd do a Kelly. :smile:
  5. I saw a 28 pink dragee Kelly in Swift at the H store last week, and it was the perfect colour for that sized purse. Very sweet and very lady-like.
  6. I would suggest a kelly 28cm in this color. I have a 28 cm kelly in rose dragee and it's perfect size in this very feminine color. I use my kelly for occasions where I dress up a little and don't need to carry too much. The birkin is more of tote/casual bag for me and I would feel more restrained if the bag were in rose dragee. It is almost white and you have to be careful about where you place the bag
  7. I saw the 28kelly and 30 cm birkin in Rose Dragee at the same time, the kelly looks very lovely, I got birkin cuz I like the style, and the color is just TDF for summer time
  8. I've only seen pictures of it, and in swift, but it looks absolutely divine. I hope you buy one soon so we can all drool over it!
  9. I think a 28 Kelly would be lovely in this color/leather combo.
  10. I think it only comes in swift so far. As far as bag style goes, I love all three. It really just depends on which style best suits you! Good luck.
  11. i've only seen RD in swift so far. it's very pretty in kelly with GH - i'm pretty sure it's equally gorgeous in a birkin 30 or 35! keep in mind that swift slouches more in bigger sizes. if that's a concern for you.....i particularly like it with GH. it just gives the color a mild pop since RD is really a faint pink shade!