Rose des vents - best bag ever?

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  1. I have sold all my black bags and then this bag comes along. A little bit Alma, a little bit Kelly and some capuchin. I have never seen a bag that’s nearly perfect - until now. What do you think. Maybe I’m totally wrong? But I know I want it.

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  2. It is a very lovely bag!
  3. I’ll describe it as a proper, mature, simple classic bag. :tup:
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  4. Thank you I have to see it as a simple classic but I see it as a perfect bag. But I am mature ;)
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  5. Then it’s perfect! I’m not too young either. :P
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  6. I like it. Haven't seen in person as yet or on the site. Hoping for more colours if it becomes a permanent piece.
  7. Hoping to see more pictures of this one IRL... Is it released yet?
  8. I’ve seen in person, it’s beautiful and well made. It’s a taller version of the capucines somewhat. Not a fan of the leather option or colours. Hoping more bright colours come out in the future.
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  9. "Rosé" des vents... :biggrin::lol:
    That made my day.
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  10. I love it! It is a perfect black bag for sure. I would love to see it in monogram with black accents, I reckon that would be gorgeous too! Can’t wait to see it in store. ❤️❤️❤️
  11. What a lovely bag! I really like this one!
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  12. I like it. How buttery is the leather? Is it a fragile easily scratch-able bag-this does not bother everyone, but if it is substantial size, it can bother some.
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  13. I've seen it in person, the flap is a smooth calfskin leather and the bottom is slightly grained texture leather. Scratches will show on the smooth calfskin though. It is a lovely bag and I like the classic look of it.
  14. I don’t know why but I love the bag and placed an order yesterday. I hope it will be my new favourite black bag when it comes. I have sold a lot of black bags and today I just own an alma bb and a Celine nano with handles. Both have silver hardware. I loved my Kelly but i didn’t like that it was so hard to close, and I’m not into open bags :smile:.
    I think this is more right for me.
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  15. I looks like a Celine sac 16 and an Hermès kelly had a baby.
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