Rose De Noel

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  1. I have seen both sizes and my preference is for the medium sized brooch. It's a great size because you can also clip it onto a chain to wear as a necklace. The large is not as versatile IMO
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  2. And of course, the store has the small and large size - and the medium white MOP was just sold for Valentines :smile:
  3. The boutique can have one transferred in.
    Medium really is the perfect size. What a wonderful Mother's Day gift!
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  4. In the words of jimmy Carter, I have lust in my heart from this picture. Carmine ruled fashion week in Milan in my opinion.

    Hope you get one of these beauties!

  5. Oh, my, at first sight! These beauties are exquisite!!
  6. Beautiful!! Congrats Hermesaholic!!:flowers:Your chalcedony is stunning!!!:flowers:

    I too would love this in grey MOP or MOP or Coral...:P
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  7. Sorry I'm a latecomer to this this glorious forum but I've been having fun reading previous posts and I came across this photo of the Rose de Noel clip used as a hair decoration. I've seen it used this way in other photos but I can't figure out how to securely wear it this way with my own mop medium clip and I'd hate for it to fall and crack! Any tips?
  8. I wish that I could tell you that I have one and wear it all the time.
    Perhaps the photos of it pinned in the hair are staged for photography although it might be worth trying to secure it with additional bobby pins...clipped across the two straight pins located on the brooch, perhaps?
  9. Thanks so much for the suggestion. My hair is not particularly thin but the brooch isn't light either and I think I'd still worry with just bobby pins.
  10. I agree.
    This piece is simply too precious to risk dropping or losing.