Rose De Noel

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  1. Thank you everyone: I have been looking for a brooch for awhile. Not necessarily Van Cleef but something slightly organic and not something particularly showy or bejeweled. I honestly have never been in love with the rose de noel. However after some looking and looking and knowing that I wanted white gold or platinum as well as something light I started re evaluating the Rose De Noel (thank you TGG). I called Van Cleef and they told me that Chalcedony is no longer being produced whether permanently or temporarily, they werent sure. They did a worldwide search and there was nothing (supposedly). I then found one pre-owned but the color didnt wow me. Pictures can be tricky so I went back and forth on it. Then this one popped up and the color was so stunning I was worried it was an artifact of better photography....I am happy to report that it was not and I am quite thriiled.
  2. Gorgeous! Congrats!
  3. This is incredibly beautiful!!
    Like owning a piece of history. The color is perfection!!
    I'm so happy that you took the leap of faith on this piece!!

  4. It's glorious, enjoy!!!
  5. Thank you Kimber418 and TGG: I was really anxious about it! I had tried on some of the chalcedony alhambra and the color was much more faint which makes sense as it is thin slices of stone. I had seen the clip in Madison a few times several years ago and it did not grab me as they seemed (as I recall) either too translucent (washed out) or too grayish (washed out) BUT I had seen photos of the stone that seemed stronger here and there so it just goes to show that these natural materials can really be quite variable.
  6. This is so beautiful. Congratulations! I love Rose de Noel. You are going to get so many compliments on this from all the lucky people who get to see you in person wearing it. Enjoy!
  7. Thanks! I will pay around with it. Not sure if this works as a necklace as it isnt the littlest one that comes with a convertible clip/pendant attachment
  8. Have fun playing - can't think of a better game :P
  9. Lucky you! It's beautiful!
  10. sbelle, you take our breath away again with your most recent earring addition. Hope you had a wonderful day and thank you for sharing the pic. Stunning.
  11. I love Rose de Noel, I love the design, it is very feminine and has a great 50's and 60's feel to it. Not retro, but classic and of a time when ladies wore pins .

    I adore the Angel skin coral ! This could be a signature piece for you.
  12. Oh my!!! That is stunning! Please post modeling photos. Imagine with black and white and greys and taupes!!!
  13. Thanks!!! I will work on something . Agreed very retro but yet clean and timeless at the same time. Not cutesy or too sweet.
  14. Okay. I think I need to jump on the thread entitled my "collection is complete.....I think." Although I am waiting for one more little thing....:shame::shame::shame:

  15. More pics please!!!!!!! It's gorgeous :smile:
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