Rose De Noel

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  1. Another one

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  2. Never knew there was a btf! This one seems like you, TGG!

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  3. Love the mop....the coral is more quiet...
  4. L:heart:VE this :loveeyes:
  5. I wasn't aware that this came in a ring.
    Thankfully ( for my bank account ) I do not collect VCA rings 😜
    Thank you for sharing. This thread is always so informative and enabling. ❤️

  6. Love love love the chalcedony. This design always reminds me very much of the feel of the Chanel camelia brooches but more beautiful and refined.

    I have a vintage Gripoix poured glass Chanel brooch that fills the same style void that the Rose de Noel brooch does and I love it... I'd love to get a rose de Noel one day. It is timeless classic. Please post a photo of you get it!!!
  7. I know exactly what you mean! I have always loved the Chanel camellias. In fact I really really wanted a pale blush pink rose de Noel but I could never find the right color. Plus the coral is so expensive! I am going pre owned...... :smile:
  8. Perhaps you can find the perfect angel skin coral for your next one.
    Peau d'ange.....😉🍀
  9. Oh and the coral all have yellow gold. probably not. But never say never ....:biggrin::biggrin:
  10. Hermesaholic, I can't wait to see your new VCA addition!
  11. I love this in letterwood!
  12. I know! That must be a much older edition.
  13. Thanks! I am so excited!
  14. Wow! These are truly beautiful pieces. My favorite is TURQUOISE! Thank you for sharing!
  15. coming soon...

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