Rose De Noel

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  1. I am on the verge of purchasing a pre owned clip. Its a medium size. I need some feedback and or moral support. They seem to be out of favor or style. Any thoughts?
  2. This is an HG for Texasgirliegirl - I am sure she will be on soon to enable :biggrin:

    I don't consider the style as popular as the other VCA Flowers and for me personally, it requires the lifestyle which I would never have :girlsigh:
  3. I know...I agree. However, because they are carved stones and more organic, I feel they are somewhat more wearable for those of us who are mere mortals than an all diamond/gemstone piece. TGG is my style and aesthetics guru! She has exquisite taste and that eye that sees all!
  4. Which stone are you considering? I am one of the newer members here and if I recall correctly, after reading through all the "Discussion" threads, you have some gorgeous diamond pieces :loveeyes:
  5. You flatter me!!:hugs::smooch:
  6. LOVE the Rose de Noel!!! It was introduced in 1968 and over the years has been offered in various stones...Turquoise, Mother of pearl (both white and grey), coral (red, white and angelskin), chalcedony, even letterwood. To me this is an incredibly special piece of jewelry....incredibly iconic VCA. The SA's in NYC speak about it in that "knowing" voice....almost whispering it's virtues.
    Years ago a lovely TPF members posted of my favorites is the white mop version clipped to the top button of her black cardigan. It was youthful and feminine...not at all granny style.
    Someday I will own this lovely piece of jewelry because it truly is my "holy grail".
  7. Its true!
  8. Chalcedony...yes. I have several diamond pieces which I love but find that I dont wear them as much anymore. My life is much more casual than it used to be....
  9. Just bought the Small Pave YG Cosmos Earrings but I can wear them every day even with a casual lifestyle similar to yours.

    I say enjoy your diamond pieces. From the pics I have seen, you wear them very well ;)

    Chalcedony would be lovely - I don't think it's offered any more though.
  10. I think the design transcends time and is so versatile. I hope you get it...its quite lovely.
  11. Here's some nice eye candy:graucho:

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  12. Oh my! These are beautiful!!!
  13. Wow!!
    Thank you so much for sharing this photo!!
  14. Wow. What a photo!!!
  15. More rose de Noel ❤️

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