Rose Cut Diamonds, a question

  1. Does anyone know how rose cuts compare size wise, ct for ct to a round brilliant? I'm guessing that a 1 ct rose cut looks larger than a 1 ct round brilliant because rose cuts have less mass (having a flat bottom and all), but I'm not certain if this is correct. I tried to find a chart correlating ct weight to size, but couldn't. Thanks!
  2. The way you can get your answer is to find out how many millimeters across your rose cut diamond is and then search the internet for the width of a well cut round brilliant.
  3. ^ Thank you for the idea! While this is not totally precise because rose cuts can vary in the way that they are cut, but I found one that weighed 2.02 ct and measured 11.27 mm (an ideal round brilliant of 2 ct is 8.2mm, and one of ~11 mm is more like a 6 ct) so I guess that means rose cuts DO face up larger than round brilliants of the same ct weight.

    I also read that a rose cut will cost about 25% less than a full cut stone of same clarity and colour. Interesting. I think rose cuts are really beautiful, but definitely hard to come by. Thanks again.


  4. A 1 carat Rose-cut should be between 6.9mm to 7.4mm, depending on its body fullness.
  5. I just Googled a rose cut. . . SUCH a cool cut! I wondered what that cut was called, interesting:yes:
  6. Did you find this on a web site? If yes, I would be interested for the URL to read more. Thanks!
  7. Rose cut diamonds were used in antique jewelry(100 years and older) and were thought to be worthless by comtemporary jewelers of the 1960's-2000. They actually sold them for next to nothing. Can you believe that!. Now they have come back in fashion and are selling for a fortune. I love them!:heart:
  8. I agree! Ignorantly, I had not heard of this cut prior to this post, but after googling it, I think it's beautiful.