Rose corail - too summery?

  1. Ladies, I have a dilemma. My birthday is coming up and I'm looking for a new bag, and I think I want a Balenciaga bag. I have fallen in love with the city in rose corail with GHW but I'm a little bit hesitant since the color is very bright and summery. I prefer all-year-round bags, since we only have about two months of real summer in my country. I'm not able to see the color in real life since I don't live near by a Balenciaga store.

    What do you think? Would you wear this shade during fall and winter? :smile:
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  2. Honest opinion, I wouldn't. What about a deep green, blue or purple? I think of all three as year-round colors.

    It's a gorgeous color/hardware combo, though :smile:.
  3. I think it could work year round. Who doesn't love a pop of color against a dark winter wardrobe or to see such a happy bright during the gray days of winter? I think you need to evaluate your current wardrobe and see if that's a possibility otherwise I would pass.
  4. where do you live? honestly, i love pop color like this but it's difficult to carry in wintertimes
  5. Thank you for your opinion :smile: I already have a blue Chanel bag.. and I'm not fond of either green or purple.
  6. I live in Sweden :smile: why would it be difficult?
  7. Isay that because i've 2 bags in pastel & pop color (blue) and I rarely carry them in winter. It doesn't suit with colors I wear.
    what kind of color do you have in winter?
  8. Oh, okey. I mostly wear neutral colors such as black, white, navy and grey :smile:
  9. I have to concur .. this might be a difficult color for the winter. How about the 'classic' Bal bag .. a Black City, with the Gold Hardware?? Or, you could also go with the Anthracite (a dark Grey). Either way, these 2 colors look just fab with the gold hardware!

  10. I love a POP color any time of year. I give this a thumbs up! :tup:

    I have an '08 Coral City and have worn it for a little "pick me up" in the winter at times. It always gets compliments!
  11. This. I love using my granny sgh in the winter cuz i want to lighten up my boring and dull winter outfit.