Rose Confetti

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  1. How would you describe Rose Confetti? Is it a true pink or does it have orange undertone?
  2. It’s true Pink to me no orange undertone :smile:
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  3. It depends on the lighting but most of the time
    It is a true pink!
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  4. Have a look in the hermes colours reference section. There are soooo many comparison photos, ( book the afternoon off:biggrin:) next best thing to finding the colour in real life.
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  5. Sweet True pink
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  6. Thank you so much for the replies. I have not been fortunate enough to see rose confetti in person and I find every photo looks so different based on lighting and laptop/ phone. I have seen a few Constance in rose confetti listed by resellers. I am hoping that I it shows up in Birkin ideally in novillo or Jonathan leather, but maybe that is just wishful thinking. I dream of a pink B25 in a smooth leather.
  7. RC in chevre is slightly more warm but still pink (just my opinion). I think you'd like RC in swift (if they make that combo), which is smooth and takes color well.
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  8. I’m a pink person and pink is always my go to color, and sadly, I found Rose Confetti on the peachy pink side. The best pink I’ve seen is p5. This is a true bubble gum pink. But, everyone sees things differently. Everyone I told that the Rose Confetti was peachy pink thought I was crazy.
  9. I have not seen this color in person, but I’m really interested in it. In each picture I have seen the color has looked a little peach to me as well.
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  10. From a HK reseller. I’ve also see a similar RC kelly 25 unboxing from a Japanese lady on IG. Also saw some C18s out now too. I find it peachy pink but still gorgeous to me :smile: I’m really tempted to consider a bag in this color!!! But as it is rather light color still I may just not..

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  11. It almost glows! :smile: thank you for sharing.
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  12. It does!! If I stare any longer at it I think it’ll start talking to me too haha! Such a sweet beautiful color.
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  13. I have a Chevre Confetti SO and to me, if compared to my 5P and Sakura, Confetti has a slight peach undertone. It’s really very slight. 5P undertone is slightly blue. Sakura is a pastel powder Pink. I won’t post photos as they can always appear different in various lighting conditions.
  14. Here are comparison pics of Calvi in Rose Azalee in Evercolor, mini agenda in Rose Confetti in Togo and Bastia in Rose Ete in Chevre Mysore. In my opinion Rose Ete has clear peachy or coral undertones while Rose Confetti is a warm pink. Hope it helps. 60057AE6-847D-414F-95D3-0C05DC6D0BF9.jpeg