Rose Colored '06 Legacy

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  1. Hey everyone! I'm new to the forum but just had to join! I have seen a lot of posts recently about the '06 legacy bags being at the outlets. I was wondering if anyone has seen the legacy bags in rose at the outlets? I woud Love a rose colored ali!! :smile: :girlsigh: If anyone has seen one and can let me know I would really appreciate it!!! Thanks!!
  2. I don't think they made the Ali in rose. I have never seen rose or pond, only black, whiskey, white and natural.
  3. Oh, and welcome, I just joined too and having fun
  4. No i haven't seen the legacy bag in rose at the outlets. But i love that one too. I hope i find one. Welcome to the Purse Forum!!
  5. [​IMG]Is this the ali or the slim flap? It really looks like to ali to me:shrugs:
  6. I think thats the slim flap.... I could be wrong though... the one i'm looking for has the product number 10328. I know they make it in rose because I have seen it in the forum and on eBay. Thanks for the welcomes everybody!! :smile:
  7. Oh o.k. yes, I have this one. Its the Legacy shoulder in rose. Here is mine.

    This is the one your looking for right?
    Ebay Pics 624.jpg Ebay Pics 625.jpg Ebay Pics 626.jpg
  8. 10329 is the ALI so the picture kimmie posted is the ali, maybe you're looking for the slim flap???
  9. I never saw it in this color sorry for the wrong info !
  10. The one i'm looking for is described as being a satchel... if that helps!
  11. [​IMG] This is the satchel style in pond. Ive never seen it in rose though.
  12. Kimmie, I think you know which one i'm talking about... its not the ali but the leather satchel.. Sorry for all the confusion but thanks TONS for your help!! :tup::p
  13. [​IMG]

    the legacy shoulder???
  14. LOL...thats item 10330.. sorry I'm talking with all these numbers.. i wish i had a picture... umm... the one i'm looking for is a shoulder bag..let me see if I could find someone with a picture of the bag posted, it will prolly make things much less complicated! lol :p
  15. THATS IT!! You found it!! :yahoo: