Rose Color


    Do you guys think this bag in the rose color is too impractical? I'm tired of the basic black, brown, blue coach bags I own. I thought it would be fun to have the rose colored bag with a couple of charms (Leo, Shamrock,Purple heart frame with my 3year old's pic). I'm a school teacher so I don't have to be too dressy.

    The things I'm concerned about are that I'll tire of it soon, it looking too pepto, and that they will be all over the outlets by January.

    Thanks for listening :girlsigh:
  2. That's the one I've been debating over also!! I LOVE pink, and it can be paired with any basic color.... black, brown, white, khaki!! Even if you get tired of it, you can rotate to one of your "basic color" bags.

    Additionally, this rose is such a unique color. A lot of the Coach handbags that I've seen were a very different pink shade (hot pink, etc). Because this is a more muted color, I think it can be worn any season and you won't get too tired of it!!
  3. I'm definitely getting the rose color...on Sunday in fact!
  4. I love that color. I think it's a great purse to have fun with. I say...go for it and dont worry about wearing it out too soon. COACH is 4ever baby! lol
  5. I'm been debating on that color or white, white pretty much can only be wore through certain I think the rose can be worn all year. I say go for it!!
  6. get rose fanatic!

    it's more rare. and white will get dirrty (at least for me since i just drop my purse everywhere)


    they can't be cleaned =/
  7. I love the rose color! I would get it
  8. I LOVE it! :biggrin: I can't decide between this and the brown ... so hard, haha.
  9. Beautiful color! That bag is beautiful no matter which color it is!
  10. That is Gorgeous, buy it for sure!!
  11. Thank you all for your help, I live about 2 1/2 hours away from an actual Coach store so I'll have to wait until my vacation next week to get my new rose colored baby!
  12. I love that color. It's a great color for fall plus I haven't seen anyone wearing that color bag. Great choice!
  13. When you get it, show pictures!!! My birthday is coming up, and I think I want to get that rose colored purse also!! However, I am not very close to a Coach store either!! I am so excited for you!! :balloon:
  14. I love the color, I'm thinking about getting it a wallet in the dusty pink.
  15. I am also very taken with this bag. Would love to see some pics! Is it in all the stores now, or just certain ones?