Rose Clutch...What Color to Get?

  1. Hi everyone,
    I have been stalking this forum for the last few days and want to buy my first RM bag, the rose clutch. But I can't decide on a color. I usually buy neutrals like beige, black, white, etc. But since this is such a fun bag I thought a bright color would be nice. I'm leaning towards the lavender/violet or ruby/white dot. I also like the fushia but don't know anyone who is carrying it yet. And the gold crackle seems a little to 70's disco for me.
    What do you guys think?
  2. Violet is beautiful and would go with a lot. I guess from your name you like purples?
  3. violet is really, really pretty - if I didn't have 2 purple bags already, I would pounce on it. Also, I LOOOVVVEE the rose clutch in gold - I don't think it's "disco" at all, I think it'll be the perfect bag to wear with a pretty spring dress. Just my opinion, though.
  4. Haha, the name is actually a really old screenname from AIM that I still use because its easier than thinking of a new one.

    I am really leaning towards the violet one, but the pictures on luna boston don't look that great.
  5. I think the Violet is gorgeous! What color are you leaning towards?
  6. I personally like Dusty and Fuschia.