Rose City -- Really Pretty

  1. Yay! So of my top favorite colors! Good luck, Mimz!
  2. yay mimi!

    Gorgeous color and great personality on this bag!!!

    I'll be surprised if this one lasts the night!
  3. ^Me too! It's in AMAZING condition!
  4. :nuts: Gorgeous bag! I wish I could get it. :cry: Good luck with the sale Mimz!!
  5. gooooooooorrrrrrrgeeeeeooooouuuuuuuuusssssssss!!!!!!!!
  6. go get it ladies!!!!!:heart: :drool:
  7. ok i became so excited about this.....acccckkk..this is stunning...
  8. someone snatch this beauty up quick!!!!!!:heart:
  9. it's a stunner, but too much cash-money for me. it's probably worth every penny though. someone please buy it so I can stop obssessing.
  10. looks like it's gone already! My prediction was right! <g>
  11. hehe, thanks for the well wishes everyone! :love: it went to a wonderful pf'er :yahoo: ;)
  12. Whoo congrats to Mimz and the lucky new owner! :wlae:
  13. Ohhhhh noooooooooooo :crybaby: ..... it's MY dream bag too - I saw this thread only now and passed to snag it :crybaby: !!!
    Anyway: congrats mimz and the 'new' proud mommy :flowers:
  14. It's so beautiful!!! congratulations mimz!