rose beige croc

  1. hello to all of you :flowers: i am really desperately searching for a pic of beige rose croc so maybe you can helpme. it is really driving me nuts :rant: as i want to see that colour so badly before ordering ( i order in another continent an yes my sa and manager are both very helpfulk in describing it but of course i want to see it ;) )
    thanks to all of you
  2. noone ?:cry:
  3. I was trying to search for a pic for you...found nothing yet.
  4. are you looking for a photo of what Hermes calls "poudre" ?
  5. do not know for sure but as far as i am informed it is really called beige-rosé or vice versa rosé - beige :hrmm:
  6. let me do some research...never heared of this collor...
  7. Lilach, I have seen a lady at the Hermes on George V with a croc Birkin in such a color. It was ultra-feminine and fabulous, to say the least. It is definitely a pale rosy-beige and it boy, what a color it is on croc.
  8. I'm curious about the color too....

    How does it look like?
  9. my store manager described it as avery light beige with a subtle hue of pink on it (she compared it it a very fine south sea pearl just a little more beige with a wonderful pinky glow ) sounds so intruiging :shame:
  10. lilach, I think I might have pictures. That's the bag I am waiting for but I'm sure I have a picture of my mother's 35 cm one. The color is very soft and delicate~ :love:
  11. Sounds beautiful! It must make a great neutral!
  12. lilach.... i believe there is a pic of that in Asian women and birkins thread but i can't be positive.... it would be at the front of the thread... I remember it was Mr. Lau's assistant who had the beige rose croc bag... i will post back here if i find it
  13. That croc is really gorgeous!!
  14. You should check out that woman's purple croc on the same thread, it is 2die4!
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