Rose Ballerine and dirty cash?

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  1. I am looking at the Rosalie coin purse (which can also fit bills). Does rose ballerine get a dirty look when you put bills and coin up on it? My other choice is Fuchsia. Which I :heart: but I already own some Fuchsia SLGs and really like the softness of RB.
  2. I don't think RB will show soiling quite as fast as the traditional white does, but I'm sure that over time it will start to look a dirty since it's such a light and delicate colour. Regular cleaning with a scent and alcohol-free baby wipe will no doubt help keep the discolouration at bay.
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  3. I too also want to know about this! Almost dies when I saw the rosalie coin purse in rose ballerine as its like the baby version of my RB Emilie. Been wanting a small purse so badly to fit in my pochette accesoires. One thing I've noticed in the zipper compartment in my emilie is that the lining is dark so it's perfect for coins. The only thing holding me back from getting the rosalie is the coin compartment lining is light pink and so paranoid of getting it dirty 😣
  4. I don't have the Rosalie but I do have the Rose ballerine 6 key holder, and when it starts to show a little dirt from the keys I just wipe it with a baby wipe and it looks like new.
  5. I just got the Victorine RB about 2 weeks ago, been using it every day, and so far so good. I wipe it with baby wipes when I see dirt/dust. I think the key is to clean it regularly.
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  6. Be careful what baby wipes you use. No alcohol or fragrance and the less ingredients the better. A lightly dampened cloth should work just fine.
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  7. I just bought the Rosalie in RB and it is not dirty yet. If it does get dirty I will just wipe it down with a damp washcloth. Not too worried about it getting dirty, but I do not put anything in the zippered compartment. My concern is the button snap. I hope it doesn't fade or show wear too quickly.
  8. Curious? What color is inside the coin compartment ?
  9. The inside of the coin compartment is pink, but with the plastic lining.
  10. Does the Clemence rose ballerine interior gather dirt quickly because of the cards or bills inside?
  11. How aw you finding it? Do you have any of the tight card complaints like others and the glazing issuing?
  12. I own the Clemence wallet since December 2015 and used it half a year and there is no dirt or dark spots, even not in the bill compartment