Rose Antigua Regret

  1. So a few weeks ago I was really loving the Antigua collection and I got a red Antigua and then I went back and got the small tote in the Rose. The SA was sort of pushy and told me it was a discontinued color and I should grab it.. well it is but its not me.. I am not feeling it.. I wear lots of red but not pink..
    So its too late now to return it to LV. I got it from the Boca Raton LV store February 9th.. any advice?
    Whenever I eBay stuff I lose tons of money..
    Right now I have a mandarin Soufflot on eBay that I paid 1080 for going for buy it now 800 and no real bids..
    Why oh why do I get sucked in to the LV experience then regret it?
    So sorry to rant..
    Any advice would be great
  2. Is there anyway that you could use it? I think pink is a lovely color, but I do not wear it, and I am not a fan of it. Therefore, I know how you feel.

    Could you call the store and see if you might be able to return it for a store credit? I wish you luck. Keep us posted.
  3. I feel for you as I'm a total impulse buyer too. On a whim I ordered a Gryson from the US. When it arrived there was a huge customs bill so I refused the parcel. I've now been told it's going to take 3 MONTHS for it to get back by sea which means I have $720 sitting on my credit card until May!!! All because I didn't think it through. Hope it makes you feel better that you're not the only one who got caught out...
    Is there anyone you know who might buy it off you?? I never touch eBay because of the fakes and a lot of people are turning their back on it. Perhaps you could advertise your two bags privately?
    Hope it all works out...
  4. i know waht u mean.. i did the same thing with the same line.. i bought the antigua in red and it was just too small for me and my needs i bought it thinking i would use it all the time and i dont..

    you could give it to someone close ot u that owuld like it, or sell it to someone you know.. i never use ebay cuz of the horror stories ive heard
  5. Cant you take it back to your local LV for a store credit?
  6. i would try and get store credit if your item does not sell on ebay.
  7. Can't you get store credit after 14 days but before 30? I would go that route first because there has to be something else you would be interested in buying. ;) If not then try selling it, maybe through a consignment shop?
  8. Yeah I'd definitely see if you can get store credit first. If not, you can always apply to the Market Plaza here after you get 500 posts and then try to sell it there :yes:
  9. You might still be able to get a store credit since it's less than 30 days.
    I got my antigua in white which i love but already got stains on them.
    But people love that bag.

    I usually dont mind pink but I agree that pink is a bit hard to wear.
  10. IA with the other members. You should try to return it to the boutique for store credit since its still within the 30 days as long as the item is unused and in excellent saleable condition.
  11. i like the pink! keep it!!! it's a real in-your-face colour! If you sell it now or take it back to the store, you ***MAY*** regret doing this also!!! please reconsider :yes:
  12. Call them and see if you can get store credit. :yes:
  13. I think I'm amongst the minority... I think the pink looks really cool and unique.

    Maybe you can try approaching the store and ask for store credit? As long as the item is in a saleable condition, I don't see why they won't do it for you?
  14. go back and just be human you might catch a sweetie of an SA who might be able to work some magic within the computer