Rose Angelique experiences someone?

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  1. I am considering to buy a rose angelique Sarah wallet and a cosmetik bag. Does someone have experiences with this color? I mean does it get dirty quickly?
    I have only Amarante in Vernis, and this is quite easy to handle.
    Could you please share your opinions?
  2. try the clubhouse
    it is a pretty new color
    might take some time to know
    how it wears

  3. I have the alma pm with matching zippy. 'till now no problems but that's my only bag I baby to be honest... love it and highly can recommend it!😍👍😃👏
  4. Im wondering this as well. This might sound dumb but if I put my sarah wallet (rose velour) next to monogram print, DE, or DA print in the purse, will it get the color transfer?? ;-(

  5. I asked this an SA and she told me it shouldn't.... I'll be better safe than sorry and put my RA zippy only in light interiours....😜
  6. I put any Zippy Wallet that may get color transfer or scratches into a small Purse To Go organizer then into my handbag. The smallest one fits a Zippy perfectly and I have the peace of mind that it won't get scratched or color transfer from anything. I have a Zippy in Bleu Lagon that's very special to me and I don't want to damage it in any way.

    The same would hold true for all light color Vernis wallets like RA, Citrine, etc.

    Hope that helps! :idea:

  7. thank you very much for your input! do you have pics please? where can I order one?
  8. I dont think there is a purse to go for alma bb since its soo tiny though ;-(
    Anyway thank you so much for the info and the advise ;)
  9. Yeah, I always go safe :smile:

  10. thank you so much for your help! should I go for the smallest one? this are my bags... ImageUploadedByPurseForum1396212037.960781.jpg
    ps. hopefully they deliver to europe!