Rose Abbey vs. Brown Goldie

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    photos pulled from Gucci website

    Hi ladies, I'm trying to decide between these two styles. i usually like the guccissima leather b/c it's got subtle Gs. but i'm not looking to spend anymore above $1k for a bag (i've got too many above that price range and i'm trying to get something i won't be as worried about chucking around!). these two bags from the fall collection look nice, but i worry about them looking FAKE. which is why i usually get guccissima, since it's harder to counterfeit.

    between the two, what do you think? is the abbey shape too boring? does the goldie look too easily replicated?
  2. I think the pink bag is a cute color but the brown one is more usable.
  3. I really :heart: the pink one.
  4. i vote for the rose abbey too! love the colour and the guccissima! it's a great looking tote...and seems more worth it since it's in leather too...
  5. w:huh::huh:ow

    I like the pink one ..
  6. They are both so different. It is nice to have a pink for spring/summer but, the brown goldie is year round. My coach bag is bright pink and fun but, when it comes to my Gucci bags I tend to go more classic in terms of colour and style. Red is a nice year round colour. A tad bit bold though. When in doubt I say get both!!!!!!
  7. i prefer the second one.
  8. I love the pink one. I'm starting to like Gucci bags more and more. My next purchase will have to be a gucci bag :smile:
  9. Hmmm.. This is a tough one because it's completely different looks.. If I had to pick, I would take the 2nd one because you can wear it all year round.
  10. i ended up with the second one, the medium goldie tote, which i'm very happy with. so easy to get stuff in and out. and it's a good size for everyday or a party (if you need to throw in your cosmetic bag!). the pink looks better in picture than in real life. honestly, if you didn't look at the pink closely enough, you would think it a nine west bag, no offense to anyone who does nine west.

    i'll post pics to show the size of the tote relative to my height. there were only 3 left in the 5th ave store in NYC, in case anyone is interested.
  11. please post pics soon! how are the straps -- comfy?
  12. Love the classic Gucci style!
  13. Congrats on the new bag babyhart! It was a tough decision I'm sure, but you can't go wrong with such a classic style!
  14. Great choice i was at the store yesterday and saw that goldie and tomorrow i'll be back to buy it without a doubt. it's beautiful..
  15. I agree with your choice but then I am not a pink person so my opinion would be bias. I think you did good.